Tuesday, November 29, 2011

A Quiet Announcement

I have something to tell you. 

But I have to do it quietly.....you know....in case someone is listening and decides to be contrary....

Gather round.....

She Who Shall Not Be Named has been sleeping much better in the night.

Did you get that?? Isn't that wonderful news??

She's still a rascal, but she is stretching the time between her feedings more and more. Often she'll sleep four-five hours at night. With my teenagers staying up late, I can often go to bed at 9:30 and they will handle her next feeding and wheel her stroller (which currently serves as a bed) into my room before they head to bed so I get some solid sleep. It is wonderful!!

Isn't she lovely?? 

Well, to be perfectly honest, I think she still looks kinda like a lawn gnome. Don't you? Someone asked if I named her Naomi because it sounded like gnome. That's a funny thought....But actually, the day Naomi arrived I was doing my Bible study and ended up in the book of Ruth. I thought that Naomi would make a lovely name for a new baby. That afternoon she arrived. And, get this! Her mother's name was Ruth. Crazy!

I'm just so happy to have a healthy baby! Never take that for granted!

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Monday, November 28, 2011

Happy Birthday Times Five

After baking cupcakes in the morning, the kids were really excited about celebrating the birthdays of five of the children.

In order to give each child their 'moment in the sun' we called them up one at a time to the front of the room and let them hold their own cupcake with a candle. After we sang Happy Birthday and they blew out their candle, they got a special present. 

First up, Chola! He was one of our very first children that came to live here, and in October he turned six!

Beauty turned four years old in October. 

She just couldn't wait to taste the delicious cupcake.

Sandra also turned four in November. I love her lopsided grin.

Nathan turned 3 in November. This is probably one of my favorite photos of him.

Your eyes do not  deceive you.....I didn't get a photo of Moriah yet from our photographer. I'll post her birthday photo when I can. 

Everyone knows icing tastes so much better when licked off your hands.

After eating, the kids had playtime with balloons. You haven't really seen crazy until you've seen sixteen children all running around batting balloons at once. 
One really wonderful thing was when inevitably a balloon would pop, the child would cry and immediately 3-4 children would run to their rescue, offering either their own balloon or getting a grown up to blow up a new one. It was so sweet.

Once the balloon game had wound down a bit, Esther and Christina set up face painting. The kids went outside to run off the sugar and two by two they came in to get their faces painted. 

The girls did a great job doing everything from giraffes, lions & dogs, to super heroes, to flowers and butterflies. It was a wonderful afternoon! 

Once again, many thanks to Gray for taking such beautiful photos.

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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday in My City--Baking Lessons

We had three volunteers visiting this week. They are the team that brought the dairy goats. While we were working on building a shelter for the goats, which was a challenge since we had trouble finding wood, Esther spent time doing special activities with the kids.

We decided to throw a party for five of the children who had birthdays in October and November. This meant we would need lots of cupcakes!

Gray (one of our favorite photographers) captured some great photos of all the fun.


Baking takes real concentration.

Baking teaches great math skills too. 
Theresa carefully measured out the baking soda.

Taking turns is a good way to learn patience

Queenie & Theresa-- I adore this photo
Esther was wonderful with the kids!

Nathan peeking at the cupcakes
 Tomorrow you'll get to see pictures from the party. It was fun!

Unknown Mami

Exactly Two Years Ago: Fab Friday Foto--funny signage

All photos were taken by Gray Stronge

Saturday, November 26, 2011

Looking for an Ordinary Post?

You'll have to look elsewhere.....

We had a very traditional Thanksgiving dinner on Thursday--just like most Americans 'round the world.

It was a wonderful day. I loved every step of the cooking and baking process. We had six visitors (four volunteers & another couple who live nearby) which, in my opinion, makes Thanksgiving what it is--sharing what we have with others. This year we had 2 Germans, 1 Englishman, 1 Indian-Zambian, & 1 Dutch lady. Our sixth visitor is American. 

Then, I got out of traveling to Mansa because I was worn out (& sick again! truth be told) and so Jasmine took my place. She took Ernest with her who was impressed by "so many trucks!".

All of this is fairly ordinary, right? Thanksgiving dinner. Big shopping day on Friday.

OK, so in order to keep my credibility, I'll now blow the lid off ordinary.

As I type this, Tom is not home. 

The reason he's not home is because he is out working in his capacity as an honorary Wildlife Officer. A couple weeks ago, a hippo attacked a boat on the river near Kazembe and six people were killed. So, Tom and five other wildlife officers set out this morning to hunt a hippo. He left at seven this morning practically brimming over with testosterone. I waved him off with a smile and a final warning that me must NOT let himself be killed.

Did you know that hippos are the deadliest animals in Africa? It's true! and very scary.....

This afternoon Tom texted me to say that he was disappointed because they hadn't had a single sighting of hippos the entire day. I sympathized with him outwardly and inwardly did a little dance that he was still safe.
Then he told me they were still out on the water and wouldn't come in until something happened. Man! I was so close....

Finally at 6:30 in the evening I got a text that said they had shot a hippo and now just had to wait for the corpse to rise from the murky depths. I'll leave it to your imagination what causes it to rise. Yuck.

Later this evening, Tom called to say he was going to have to spend the night out on one of the floating islands on the river. He sounded miserable and hungry. Poor guy. Apparently the one peanut butter sandwich and the little packet of peanuts and raisins just wasn't enough to keep him going all day. He was going to scrounge around for some food from the fishermen who live seasonally on those islands.

I'm still praying for his safety. In the morning they'll need to collect the hippo and take it to shore. I hope nothing goes wrong and no other hippos show up. I'm sure Tom is taking plenty of photos and will have lots of material for a blog post later on. I'll link up to it when he does.

So that was my Saturday. How is your weekend progressing?


Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A little OCD, Perhaps?

I am not what could be considered a very organized person. I do love lists. But, I frequently forget to look back at those lists which results in overlooked deadlines and projects. I could blame it on lack of sleep or the chaos that surrounds my life or any myriad of other excuses.....

but the sad truth is that I'm disorganized.

Every week of the year except Thanksgiving, that is!

Then, I pull out all the stops. 

A couple weeks before, I plan our menu.

Several days before, I begin compiling lists of things to do, things to buy. I go shopping the Friday before and pay extra close attention to my shopping list.

About a week before I draw up to-do lists for each day leading up to Thursday starting with Monday.

Monday: Take out the turkey and place in freezer. Did you know our turkeys this year were imported  from South Carolina?? True story!

Tuesday: Make pumpkin puree (out of butternut squash. huh.)
                Make pie crusts 
               Bake cornbread and cut into one inch cubes for dressing/stuffing 

Wednesday: Prepare brine for turkey. Later place turkey in brine.
                      Bake apple pie, 'pumpkin' pie, and pecan pie
                    Chop lump of chocolate that used to be chocolate chips, but melted on the way over from America, and turn it back into chocolate chips to be used in cake next day.
                     Prepare bucket of bread dough and leave to rise overnight in fridge.

Thursday's Menu:
Turkey --of course!
Dressing/Stuffing --what do you call it?
Mashed potatoes
Scalloped potatoes --our current volunteer, Christina is bringing this fun addition to our table.
Mixed veggies
Cranberries --I found this rare treat in the store in Lusaka in August! I immediately scooped up three cans!

'Pumpkin' Pie
Apple Pie
Pecan Pie --I'm so excited about this because Christina brought pecans and corn syrup with her!
Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Pound Cake
Custard --pourable, to take the place of whipped cream

Can you tell I'm excited?? And now, looking over this list, I'm exhausted! I'd better head to bed!

What are you making this year?

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Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We Have Water!!

I just have to say it again:

We have water!

Yesterday was another whirlwind day with the pump repair guy arriving at 7:30 ready to get down to business but required to cool his heels for a couple hours as the team of men needed to raise the pump from the borehole (120+ feet down) had not yet arrived.

Just as that team arrived and got to work, the electric company arrived to change out the pole on our transformer. They also decided to ground the transformer!! This is the reason we were hit. Instead of the lightning going to ground after hitting the electric lines, it was free to enter our house. Unfortunately, the electric company insists there were two lightning strikes at the exact same time, so the one that hit our house was not their responsibility. Humph!

Anyway, the transformer is grounded now and the pole has been changed out (it was rotting) so we don't have to worry about the line falling onto our house, and we have a new piece of wood to build playground equipment with. All's well that ends well.

As these two major projects were going on, I concentrated on getting work done in the office and dealing with administration work. 

Tom was dashing in and out trying to supervise the various projects including feeding his baby hawks a few times.

In the afternoon, Tom had just driven out of the gate to try and collect wood for our goat house, when a van load of visitors from a nearby orphanage arrived for a visit. These are very sweet Catholic sisters (not really nuns, but close) who take care of an orphanage an hour's drive from us.

We have visited their place a few times but they haven't been to ours  yet. I was happy they were here but it felt like perhaps they could have chosen a slightly better day. I showed them around the property and then we sat down for a cold drink and cookies. I did my best to not glance at the clock--too much. I was so glad I had set some meat to marinate earlier in the day. Dinner preparations were already started.

When they finally left, I dashed into the kitchen to cook my special rice pilaf and creole chicken. By the time I finished cooking dinner, I was shaking and feeling feverish. I have been battling bronchitis for a few days so I thought perhaps it was kicking into high gear. 

Without even eating the dinner I had worked so hard on, I collapsed in bed. Thank goodness for Christina, our current volunteer who took Naomi for the night. Eight solid hours rarely felt so good.

Today, I've been working at half speed--trying desperately to marshal my strength for Turkey Day. I wouldn't call myself the most organized person--far from it--but I transform for my favorite holiday of the year. More about this tomorrow!

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P.S. I promise that I am really eager to get photos up--I just haven't been taking them with all the confusion--I'm working on a solution.

P.P.S. I've missed reading all of your blogs and popping by to say hello; between power failures, drop-in guests and out of the blue illnesses, it's been hard. Pray for things to calm down and I'll be by just as soon as I can.  

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Life in the Fast Lane

When it rains, it pours.....

We can go days or even weeks with not much going on at all. Then, all of a sudden everything happens at once.

After our disaster with the lightning last weekend, we finally arranged for the pump installer to come up by bus. Setting off on Saturday afternoon would place him here around 8 AM on Sunday morning.

We have been trying to get dairy goats for our project for months. They've been very hard to locate, bt finally we found them outside Lusaka. Some good friends of ours from Germany had raised funds to set up our goat project and after running around Lusaka for a few days, arranged a vehicle to carry the goats up here, coordinated with the farm to collect the goats and it all worked out on Saturday afternoon. By driving all night they were going to arrive at our place on Sunday morning.

Then, on Saturday,  a missionary family nearby asked if they could come by for a visit as they drove to one of their projects. They would be coming by on Sunday morning.


I was up at 5:30 AM to get dressed, put on my face, feed the baby and bake cinnamon rolls.
At 7:30 the goats arrived. Our friends had spent a pretty interesting night riding in a van with four goats in the back. Every time the goats urinated, they shook their tails and sprayed our friends.

They were so glad to get out of the car and the goats were equally happy to have space to run around again. I promise to have a detailed post about this later in the week.

I felt so bad not having a running shower to offer to our friends, but comforted myself with the fact that our pump guy would be arriving within the hour and all would soon be well.

Well, not quite.

It turned out that our pump guy had lied to us and was not actually on the way. He promised that he would be soon getting on the bus though and assured us he will be here Monday morning. We'll see......

The morning was still busy as we fed the drivers of the rental car and sent them back on their way to Lusaka, sat down with our friends to eat cinnamon rolls and catch up, and supervised our handyman with settling the goats in. 
By 10 AM I was very very tired--or that could have been the sugar crash....

Then, our missionary friends had car trouble and arrived a bit later in the afternoon than we expected. This meant that I got a nap! Life is good!

Our visit was wonderful and so refreshing. It feels so good to touch base with fellow workers for the cause of Zambia.

Hopefully by this time tomorrow I'll have good news about our water situation.

I found this picture on the camera the other day. Apparently Troy is developing his artistic side with photography.

Unknown Mami

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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sleeping Pretty

I thought I'd take a break from the gloom and doom reporting and tell you about my bedroom makeover--you know, the one I was working on when all the drama started.

First, a little background: Our property was an motel which had been abandoned, when the owner died, before it was completed and then the family came and stripped it of roofs and doors and basically everything that could be carried away. Really all that was left was brick walls. It all needed a ton of renovation and construction.

When we moved into this house we set up our office in what we believe was supposed to be a bathroom, and our bedroom in what was probably supposed to be the office in what was most likely a reception building. Anyway, the layout was such that anyone needing to get to the office had to walk through our bedroom. Since it was a private office it wasn't a really big deal but it did mean that when the kids would play computer games withe their dad at night they would walk in and out of our bedroom--often while I was trying to sleep. It wasn't really conducive to good sleep.

So, I moved things around and we set up our bed in the office. For sleeping purposes it was much better. But, we had never gotten around to painting it beyond the flat primer white coat over the bare cement wall. Too add to the dreariness, Tom had, during the office days, filled the walls with photos, reminders, notices, etc.--all fixed onto the wall with sticky-tack (is that what you call reusable adhesive stuff?) and it had never come off the wall. 
As I drifted off to sleep each night, my view was a grey-white wall with dirty little lumps covering it.

Finally, we decided that three years was too long to live with that. 

We walked into the paint store in Mansa determined to come out with a pretty color for our walls. Only thing--the one and only paint store in Mansa has almost no colors. Our choices were severely limited. We knew we wanted a dark color--going against popular thinking with a small room--we wanted a cozy space. Finally we found a brownish-pink color that looked promising. 

As it went on the wall, I panicked a little. It looked so dark and not quite as pretty as the color card had promised. Even with my misgivings about the color, Tom and I had a really fun day painting side by side. We had friends over who volunteered to come help, but I declined--I was enjoying our special couple time. :)

When everything was all set back up, I was pleasantly surprised to find out the color matches our bedding perfectly! I think it looks so inviting now! 

Please forgive the water marks (or something) on the picture. This is Tom's camera.
 We still need to find some artwork for the walls, install a light on the wall above the light, move Jesus to a better location, and get some matching black bedside lamps.--I already bought some from a friend of mine who is moving back to the States. I just need to pick them up.

All in all, it was a wonderful day together with lovely results.

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The Latest News

I'm finally hitting publish on this blog that should have gone out yesterday evening. The reason it didn't? I'm sure you can all say it with me by now..."We had no power!"  Oh well, better late than never....

Little Naomi is learning how to share at a very early age. She's doing so well at it too. Wanna guess how I know.....OK, I'll tell you.....she shared her lovely head cold with me.

The poor baby has been so stuffed up for the past few days. It's so pitiful to see a tiny baby that can't breathe properly--especially when they're trying to drink from a bottle.

We've all been taking turns holding her as she's been extra fussy.

Timmy is wearing a skull and crossbones head scarf (do-rag?) because we still don't have water and all have yucky hair now.

We received the control box from Lusaka, and Tom installed it, but it kept tripping the fuse. This probably means that the pump itself was also fried by the lightning.
The pump company in Lusaka will be sending a man with a new pump who can install it, but this will only happen over the weekend. Until then, it's going to be sponge baths all the way. Once the pump (and accompanying bits and pieces) arrives, we'll have to hire a bunch of people to pull the pump out of the ground. It's 150 feet down so it's gonna be a big job!

I realized today that I haven't directed you to Tom's blog recently. He has written a few posts about his work with local wildlife and our farming.

                   Predator--Tom gave one of these a bath today! Crazy!
                   Planting Season
                  Strangers in the Night
                  Save the ducks
You should really read Meg's blog too. She has a countdown on there showing when she'll be returning to Africa. I love it!
She wrote about two of our kids at  My Little Doctor and I Hope You Dance

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Monday, November 14, 2011

Africa Wins This Round

BUT, it was not a Total Knock Out.

This past weekend has been....I'd like to say interesting.....but way more difficult than that.

Saturday, Tom and I were working on a painting project and everyone else was hanging out on the porch watching lightning far across the savannah. The power had been going on and off all day, and at that moment it was off. 
As Tom and I painted away in our bedroom, all of a sudden there was a terrible bang that was so loud we could feel the concussion in our chests. There was also a huge flash of light. We figured out pretty quickly that the transformer on our corner had been blown by lightning. Several of the breakers in the house had also blown. Because the power was out we had no idea if any damage had been done to equipment.

When power was restored we did a quick equipment check and it seemed everything had survived....or so we thought. 

Later that night Tom tried to start the electric pump that pulls water up to our tanks from the borehole (well). It didn't work. When he took the cover off the control box, this is what he saw:

That black stuff is all from the lightning
Thanks to a friend in Lusaka a new control box is on its way up to us on the bus. Unfortunately, we won't know until it gets here whether the pump itself was also damaged. Three years ago when we were hit by lightning and the control box exploded (literally!) the pump was also hit. The pump is nearly 150 feet underground. Aside from the expense of having to replace it, it is a huge deal to pull it up and install a new one.
In the meantime, we are hiring teenagers to go to the neighborhood hand pump and draw water out for us. They fill three 55 gallon drums each day for washing dishes and laundry as well as drinking and cooking. Showers are having to wait for now.

And the drama continued:

The next day, I woke up with a terrible headache and dizziness which I attributed to the fresh paint fumes. Later in the day though our room was filled with a sulfur smell. We thought at first it was rotten grass from a rat's nest we had found in our wall when painting. We cleared it out and closed up the hole, but still the smell persisted.
 Then, Tom had a brainstorm and went into the small room which borders our bedroom. This is where we keep the 12 volt batteries that power our house during blackouts. Two of them were really hot and bubbling. Apparently the lightning strike affected them as well. Thankfully the other 4 batteries are fine, but we will now have less of a back up during power cuts.

That evening, Tom tried to get online on his computer to do some research, but could not connect to the internet. Strangely, his computer kept shutting down on him as well. It looks like Tom's desktop computer was also hit. We don't know that it was even plugged in at the time, but lightning is a weird and terrible adversary that does awful things. We'll need to take the computer down to Lusaka on our next trip to get whatever is wrong repaired.

So, to sum it up, we have three known casualties of the lightning strike, and the pump is an unknown at the moment. 
Please pray for the pump to be perfectly fine. We need water! Pray that the control box that was sent up contains all the necessary electronics and that Tom will be able to replace it easily.
 Also, please pray for supply of the extra funds that are needed to replace and/or repair the damaged equipment. 

Whew, never a dull moment here in Africa!

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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Laws of the Universe

One rule that Tom and I have lived by for years is "If You Brag, They Will Sag". I know this, and yet, I don't think twice about sharing good news on the blog. Naomi started sleeping better and so I let all you you know. 

Big. Mistake. Huge.

Not only was Naomi up every two hours last night, she was up bright and early at 5 AM. And like Caren commented on yesterday's post, she was adorable and full of smiles, but I wasn't ready to be up yet.
She has been extraordinarily fussy today, needing to be held nearly the entire day despite being given homeopathic and natural colic remedies.
Which brings me to another law of the universe. The day your baby demands to be held nonstop will be the day you absolutely MUST be at your desk meeting very important deadlines. I'm so thankful for my teenagers who absolutely saved me today.

Also, if you desperately need to put in long hours at the computer to meet those deadlines, the power will go off periodically all throughout the day.

If you have a power outage at night and the electric company calls you to say he has no idea when the power will be restored because, "it's something serious", you should be a bit worried.

But, if you send your kids to collect candles since the generator will soon run out of gasoline, the power will come right back on. Just don't voice this fact out loud during the power failure--the universe is listening.....

Last, but not least, if you hear a ping on your phone at 5 AM letting you know you've received an email, don't open it. If it's good news it can wait a few hours. If it's bad news.....you really don't want to have to deal with it at that time of day, now do you? Just sayin'......

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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Baby Bonanza

Baby Grace in a chair

Baby basil
Baby Naomi dwarfed by a bed
Baby spring onions
Baby Ana walking!
Baby Roma tomatoes
Baby Crocodile in a tub

What?? Doesn't everyone have one of those??

In baby news: Naomi is sleeping much better during the night. I've even been allowed back in my marriage bed--Naomi sleeps in a stroller at the end of our bed--since she's only up about three times a night so Tom isn't much disturbed. Hallelujah!

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Sunday, November 6, 2011

Peace Like a River

I know not what the future holds, but I know who holds the future.
--Author  unknown

We are looking toward the future and realizing that we are going to one day outgrow our current property. To that end we are looking at possible pieces of land. We may open a junior/high boarding school and farm for the kids as they get older.

Yesterday Tom and I stopped off on the way to Mansa, and took a walk through the bush to the Luapula River.

A group of children accompanied us to show us the way.

At one point there was a train of children following us. I quickly turned around to catch a picture of them but this girl was too quick for me.--She ducked down to hide from the camera.

We had to clamber over huge boulders. This is one of the driest months of the year so we'll have to come back in April to see how far the water comes up. 

As we walked along the trail heading to and from the river, this little plant kept reaching out to snag us. Each leaf had tiny thorns lining the edges. Ouch!

We finally reached the river and it was beautiful.

This is the most peaceful section of the Luapula that we've seen so far. It would make a really nice place for boating and fishing.

We have no idea if this is the right place for a future project but it was fun to daydream a bit and we got a great walk in. 

This post was submitted to Unknown Mami's Sundays in My City and Fresh Mommy's Sunday Citar.

Unknown Mami

Saturday, November 5, 2011


The votes came in fast and furiously since Monday here and on Facebook. Sadly, aside from one vote that was really more for a beverage than a costume--none of the votes were for me...... Sad!

Anyway, I'm not bitter at all and am very happy to announce the winner of our second annual Halloween costume contest.

Wait! Make that WINNERS!

Jasmine and Tom tied for the win.
Here now are the winning pictures and a couple bonus ones for fun:

I'm looking forward to posting more interesting things over the next several days--but that would mean a certain little girl (*cough*Naomi*cough*) would have to be happy somewhere that is not my chest. Send thoughts and prayers her way. Thanks!

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Thursday, November 3, 2011

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

Most of us are familiar with the children's story:

If you give a mouse a cookie……

He’ll ask for a glass of milk….

...and on and on it goes.

 Here now is the Africa version:

If you spy a mouse in your office…..

You’ll start to move furniture around trying to catch and dispose of the little sucker…

Once you’ve moved furniture around you’ll find that the mouse has been living in your file cabinets….

So, you’ll empty your file cabinets onto the floor….

When you’ve emptied the file cabinets onto the floor….

They’ll be nice and empty but you’ll see how dirty they are….

So, you’ll haul those massive cabinets out to the front lawn….

And once they’re out in the front lawn you’ll give them a good scrubbing with bleach….

Then, you’ll realize that all those piles of debris on the office floor have to make their way back into cabinets…

And, you’ll decide that first those piles need to be decluttered... 

Once you begin decluttering, you’ll come across a journal you used for years....

Flipping through it will bring back so many memories....

You will hold it in your hand for long minutes deciding whether to pitch it or not…

It will be set aside without a decision made…

Eventually all those piles will be sorted and make their way back into the cabinets....

It may not be today or tomorrow, but it will happen....

In the meantime, If you spy a mouse in your office…..

You might want to close the door and just walk away…..


Thank you to all who have voted so far in the Halloween costume vote. There's still time to weigh in with your opinion. Click here!

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