Tuesday, November 22, 2011

We Have Water!!

I just have to say it again:

We have water!

Yesterday was another whirlwind day with the pump repair guy arriving at 7:30 ready to get down to business but required to cool his heels for a couple hours as the team of men needed to raise the pump from the borehole (120+ feet down) had not yet arrived.

Just as that team arrived and got to work, the electric company arrived to change out the pole on our transformer. They also decided to ground the transformer!! This is the reason we were hit. Instead of the lightning going to ground after hitting the electric lines, it was free to enter our house. Unfortunately, the electric company insists there were two lightning strikes at the exact same time, so the one that hit our house was not their responsibility. Humph!

Anyway, the transformer is grounded now and the pole has been changed out (it was rotting) so we don't have to worry about the line falling onto our house, and we have a new piece of wood to build playground equipment with. All's well that ends well.

As these two major projects were going on, I concentrated on getting work done in the office and dealing with administration work. 

Tom was dashing in and out trying to supervise the various projects including feeding his baby hawks a few times.

In the afternoon, Tom had just driven out of the gate to try and collect wood for our goat house, when a van load of visitors from a nearby orphanage arrived for a visit. These are very sweet Catholic sisters (not really nuns, but close) who take care of an orphanage an hour's drive from us.

We have visited their place a few times but they haven't been to ours  yet. I was happy they were here but it felt like perhaps they could have chosen a slightly better day. I showed them around the property and then we sat down for a cold drink and cookies. I did my best to not glance at the clock--too much. I was so glad I had set some meat to marinate earlier in the day. Dinner preparations were already started.

When they finally left, I dashed into the kitchen to cook my special rice pilaf and creole chicken. By the time I finished cooking dinner, I was shaking and feeling feverish. I have been battling bronchitis for a few days so I thought perhaps it was kicking into high gear. 

Without even eating the dinner I had worked so hard on, I collapsed in bed. Thank goodness for Christina, our current volunteer who took Naomi for the night. Eight solid hours rarely felt so good.

Today, I've been working at half speed--trying desperately to marshal my strength for Turkey Day. I wouldn't call myself the most organized person--far from it--but I transform for my favorite holiday of the year. More about this tomorrow!

Exactly One Year Ago: Carbohydrate Heaven--still one of my favorite recipes
Exactly Two Years Ago (yesterday): SIMC--It's Raining and Pouring--still very true this year

P.S. I promise that I am really eager to get photos up--I just haven't been taking them with all the confusion--I'm working on a solution.

P.P.S. I've missed reading all of your blogs and popping by to say hello; between power failures, drop-in guests and out of the blue illnesses, it's been hard. Pray for things to calm down and I'll be by just as soon as I can.  


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