Thursday, November 17, 2011

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I'm finally hitting publish on this blog that should have gone out yesterday evening. The reason it didn't? I'm sure you can all say it with me by now..."We had no power!"  Oh well, better late than never....

Little Naomi is learning how to share at a very early age. She's doing so well at it too. Wanna guess how I know.....OK, I'll tell you.....she shared her lovely head cold with me.

The poor baby has been so stuffed up for the past few days. It's so pitiful to see a tiny baby that can't breathe properly--especially when they're trying to drink from a bottle.

We've all been taking turns holding her as she's been extra fussy.

Timmy is wearing a skull and crossbones head scarf (do-rag?) because we still don't have water and all have yucky hair now.

We received the control box from Lusaka, and Tom installed it, but it kept tripping the fuse. This probably means that the pump itself was also fried by the lightning.
The pump company in Lusaka will be sending a man with a new pump who can install it, but this will only happen over the weekend. Until then, it's going to be sponge baths all the way. Once the pump (and accompanying bits and pieces) arrives, we'll have to hire a bunch of people to pull the pump out of the ground. It's 150 feet down so it's gonna be a big job!

I realized today that I haven't directed you to Tom's blog recently. He has written a few posts about his work with local wildlife and our farming.

                   Predator--Tom gave one of these a bath today! Crazy!
                   Planting Season
                  Strangers in the Night
                  Save the ducks
You should really read Meg's blog too. She has a countdown on there showing when she'll be returning to Africa. I love it!
She wrote about two of our kids at  My Little Doctor and I Hope You Dance

Exactly Two Years Ago: Miscellaneous Musings I love going back over my old blogs--I had forgotten the incredible story at the end of this post.


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