Thursday, November 3, 2011

If You Give A Mouse A Cookie

Most of us are familiar with the children's story:

If you give a mouse a cookie……

He’ll ask for a glass of milk….

...and on and on it goes.

 Here now is the Africa version:

If you spy a mouse in your office…..

You’ll start to move furniture around trying to catch and dispose of the little sucker…

Once you’ve moved furniture around you’ll find that the mouse has been living in your file cabinets….

So, you’ll empty your file cabinets onto the floor….

When you’ve emptied the file cabinets onto the floor….

They’ll be nice and empty but you’ll see how dirty they are….

So, you’ll haul those massive cabinets out to the front lawn….

And once they’re out in the front lawn you’ll give them a good scrubbing with bleach….

Then, you’ll realize that all those piles of debris on the office floor have to make their way back into cabinets…

And, you’ll decide that first those piles need to be decluttered... 

Once you begin decluttering, you’ll come across a journal you used for years....

Flipping through it will bring back so many memories....

You will hold it in your hand for long minutes deciding whether to pitch it or not…

It will be set aside without a decision made…

Eventually all those piles will be sorted and make their way back into the cabinets....

It may not be today or tomorrow, but it will happen....

In the meantime, If you spy a mouse in your office…..

You might want to close the door and just walk away…..


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