My Life Story

My adventures started at birth. By the time I was eight years old I had already lived in at least 6 houses and spent over 2 years of my life traveling on the road with my missionary parents. My eighth birthday was celebrated in a campground in Mexico where my family was living while my dad taught English.

And the adventure didn't stop there. In my forty-plus years, I've lived in 7 countries and visited 3 others. I spent my formative years in India, met my husband in Japan, celebrated my honeymoon and newlywed years in Mexico and now live in Zambia.

I've given birth 5 times to six children (twins first time out the gate!)--all drug free and natural (even the breech births) because I like even my births to be adventures. Only one of those six children still live with me here in Zambia. The oldest five helped so much in all our missionary ventures here in Africa but they have now gone home to Texas to pursue their educations and new careers and lives. While I miss them terribly they are growing up to be wonderful young adults.

My life here in Zambia, where I've lived for nearly thirteen years, is nothing short of non-stop adventures. How can it be anything less than that when I run an orphanage (30 kids and counting), and live on a property that always has a multitude of animals at any given time from chickens to ducks, rabbits to guinea pigs, monkeys, goats and even snakes in residence.

Life with the kids is always exciting and sometimes scary. We frequently receive very sick babies on our doorstep who we care for with all we've got. Sometimes we can nurse them to better health and other times we love them on their way to Heaven. Those who survive do more than that--they thrive. Click on the Our Kids  label on the side bar to learn more about the stories of our precious children.

My day to day life involves administration, teaching the older kids, watching over the care of all the children, and training staff members--all of which comes with its own adventures.
We live in a village 12 hours away from the capital city. We are Rural! To buy groceries every two weeks we drive 2 hours away over roads littered with goats, chickens, bicyclists and other perils. We've had many an adventure on these drives.

My husband plays a big part in my adventures. Sometimes he is caught up in them just as I am and other times he creates them. If you don't believe me check out the side bar for a list of things that have bitten him. We've been married for 25 years and I consider marriage to be one of the greatest adventures out there.

Just because I face all these adventures does not mean I'm naturally adventurous. Let me tell you, the world has hardly ever seen a less likely candidate for adventures than me. I'm a baby, a drama queen to the extreme, and a big fat scaredy cat. I think though, that reading about my fears is just as much fun. 

Many have asked what my favorite Bible passage is or my Life Verse. Years ago I chose Philippians 1:6 as my Life Verse: "...I am sure of this, that He who began a good work in you will bring it to completion at the day of Jesus Christ"

In the last few years the rest of the book of Philippians has also  proven to be a real strength to me.

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