Tuesday, February 3, 2009

As I open this blog it is rainy season in our corner of the world. This morning I woke up to gray, dripping skies. It is quite chilly today although it will probably warm up a lot later on.
From November to April we have rains nearly every day. When it rains it is often cold enough to even need a sweater but on the other days it gets hot enough to swim and you have to be careful of the hot, African sun.
This variation in temperatures along with the high humidity lends itself to plenty of viruses. Most of the kids have coughs or colds right now. We also need to be more concerned with malaria at this time of year (although we can contract it at anytime of the year). All the kids sleep under mosquito nets which, while sold as decorative additions to bedrooms in the U.S, are actually a necessity here.
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