Wednesday, September 14, 2016

A Country Boy Travels to The City

Last month Tom had to go to Lusaka to pick up supplies for a couple construction supplies. We were also expecting a new volunteer and Tom would meet him at the airport.

Tom had hoped to take one of our big boys who needs lots of extra attention, but at the last moment he broke some rules and had to lose the privilege. Elias, as the oldest child, was the next logical choice. He turns 12 this month. 

The trip was filled with many firsts. First trip to a large city. First long drive. First time to be completely on his own without his brothers and sisters. And, the list went on and on. First escalator and elevator rides. Tom loved filming and documenting all of Elias' adventures so the children back home could see it all later.

There were many first foods: first pizza, first Chinese, first hamburger, first fish and chips, first gelato, first Subway sandwich. Tom had him do the 'wow' face for each of them. Ha ha.

Another first was to see two movies. He watched the BFG in 3D and Star Trek Beyond. His impression of the movie theater was interesting: 

First I thought the room was small, but then I walked in and the room was big. I don’t know if it was a blanket or what, but they put it on the front wall And then they turned a light on and the light went on the blanket. And we put on glasses and things were coming out of the movie. We ate popcorn and drank slushies. 

Neat side story. The kids back home got to read The BFG with our volunteer while Elias was on his trip so they could all share the story.

A huge highlight of the trip for Elias was riding in a Go-cart. Here are his memories of that day: 

I was racing with some kids and I crashed. Someone came and told me how to drive it and where the brakes are and where to push to make it go faster. I crashed two times and went around 30 times.

Going on this trip and getting to have some great experiences, as well as quality alone time with Daddy, was amazing for Elias. Maybe we'll be able to do this for each child around their 12th birthday. It sure would be nice.

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