Thursday, November 17, 2011

Sleeping Pretty

I thought I'd take a break from the gloom and doom reporting and tell you about my bedroom makeover--you know, the one I was working on when all the drama started.

First, a little background: Our property was an motel which had been abandoned, when the owner died, before it was completed and then the family came and stripped it of roofs and doors and basically everything that could be carried away. Really all that was left was brick walls. It all needed a ton of renovation and construction.

When we moved into this house we set up our office in what we believe was supposed to be a bathroom, and our bedroom in what was probably supposed to be the office in what was most likely a reception building. Anyway, the layout was such that anyone needing to get to the office had to walk through our bedroom. Since it was a private office it wasn't a really big deal but it did mean that when the kids would play computer games withe their dad at night they would walk in and out of our bedroom--often while I was trying to sleep. It wasn't really conducive to good sleep.

So, I moved things around and we set up our bed in the office. For sleeping purposes it was much better. But, we had never gotten around to painting it beyond the flat primer white coat over the bare cement wall. Too add to the dreariness, Tom had, during the office days, filled the walls with photos, reminders, notices, etc.--all fixed onto the wall with sticky-tack (is that what you call reusable adhesive stuff?) and it had never come off the wall. 
As I drifted off to sleep each night, my view was a grey-white wall with dirty little lumps covering it.

Finally, we decided that three years was too long to live with that. 

We walked into the paint store in Mansa determined to come out with a pretty color for our walls. Only thing--the one and only paint store in Mansa has almost no colors. Our choices were severely limited. We knew we wanted a dark color--going against popular thinking with a small room--we wanted a cozy space. Finally we found a brownish-pink color that looked promising. 

As it went on the wall, I panicked a little. It looked so dark and not quite as pretty as the color card had promised. Even with my misgivings about the color, Tom and I had a really fun day painting side by side. We had friends over who volunteered to come help, but I declined--I was enjoying our special couple time. :)

When everything was all set back up, I was pleasantly surprised to find out the color matches our bedding perfectly! I think it looks so inviting now! 

Please forgive the water marks (or something) on the picture. This is Tom's camera.
 We still need to find some artwork for the walls, install a light on the wall above the light, move Jesus to a better location, and get some matching black bedside lamps.--I already bought some from a friend of mine who is moving back to the States. I just need to pick them up.

All in all, it was a wonderful day together with lovely results.

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