Saturday, November 5, 2011


The votes came in fast and furiously since Monday here and on Facebook. Sadly, aside from one vote that was really more for a beverage than a costume--none of the votes were for me...... Sad!

Anyway, I'm not bitter at all and am very happy to announce the winner of our second annual Halloween costume contest.

Wait! Make that WINNERS!

Jasmine and Tom tied for the win.
Here now are the winning pictures and a couple bonus ones for fun:

I'm looking forward to posting more interesting things over the next several days--but that would mean a certain little girl (*cough*Naomi*cough*) would have to be happy somewhere that is not my chest. Send thoughts and prayers her way. Thanks!

Exactly One Year Ago: Fab Friday Foto--yet another snake....
Exactly Two Years Ago: Fab Friday Foto--a picture of peace


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