Sunday, November 20, 2011

Life in the Fast Lane

When it rains, it pours.....

We can go days or even weeks with not much going on at all. Then, all of a sudden everything happens at once.

After our disaster with the lightning last weekend, we finally arranged for the pump installer to come up by bus. Setting off on Saturday afternoon would place him here around 8 AM on Sunday morning.

We have been trying to get dairy goats for our project for months. They've been very hard to locate, bt finally we found them outside Lusaka. Some good friends of ours from Germany had raised funds to set up our goat project and after running around Lusaka for a few days, arranged a vehicle to carry the goats up here, coordinated with the farm to collect the goats and it all worked out on Saturday afternoon. By driving all night they were going to arrive at our place on Sunday morning.

Then, on Saturday,  a missionary family nearby asked if they could come by for a visit as they drove to one of their projects. They would be coming by on Sunday morning.


I was up at 5:30 AM to get dressed, put on my face, feed the baby and bake cinnamon rolls.
At 7:30 the goats arrived. Our friends had spent a pretty interesting night riding in a van with four goats in the back. Every time the goats urinated, they shook their tails and sprayed our friends.

They were so glad to get out of the car and the goats were equally happy to have space to run around again. I promise to have a detailed post about this later in the week.

I felt so bad not having a running shower to offer to our friends, but comforted myself with the fact that our pump guy would be arriving within the hour and all would soon be well.

Well, not quite.

It turned out that our pump guy had lied to us and was not actually on the way. He promised that he would be soon getting on the bus though and assured us he will be here Monday morning. We'll see......

The morning was still busy as we fed the drivers of the rental car and sent them back on their way to Lusaka, sat down with our friends to eat cinnamon rolls and catch up, and supervised our handyman with settling the goats in. 
By 10 AM I was very very tired--or that could have been the sugar crash....

Then, our missionary friends had car trouble and arrived a bit later in the afternoon than we expected. This meant that I got a nap! Life is good!

Our visit was wonderful and so refreshing. It feels so good to touch base with fellow workers for the cause of Zambia.

Hopefully by this time tomorrow I'll have good news about our water situation.

I found this picture on the camera the other day. Apparently Troy is developing his artistic side with photography.

Unknown Mami

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