Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday in My City--Baking Lessons

We had three volunteers visiting this week. They are the team that brought the dairy goats. While we were working on building a shelter for the goats, which was a challenge since we had trouble finding wood, Esther spent time doing special activities with the kids.

We decided to throw a party for five of the children who had birthdays in October and November. This meant we would need lots of cupcakes!

Gray (one of our favorite photographers) captured some great photos of all the fun.


Baking takes real concentration.

Baking teaches great math skills too. 
Theresa carefully measured out the baking soda.

Taking turns is a good way to learn patience

Queenie & Theresa-- I adore this photo
Esther was wonderful with the kids!

Nathan peeking at the cupcakes
 Tomorrow you'll get to see pictures from the party. It was fun!

Unknown Mami

Exactly Two Years Ago: Fab Friday Foto--funny signage

All photos were taken by Gray Stronge


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