Wednesday, November 23, 2011

A little OCD, Perhaps?

I am not what could be considered a very organized person. I do love lists. But, I frequently forget to look back at those lists which results in overlooked deadlines and projects. I could blame it on lack of sleep or the chaos that surrounds my life or any myriad of other excuses.....

but the sad truth is that I'm disorganized.

Every week of the year except Thanksgiving, that is!

Then, I pull out all the stops. 

A couple weeks before, I plan our menu.

Several days before, I begin compiling lists of things to do, things to buy. I go shopping the Friday before and pay extra close attention to my shopping list.

About a week before I draw up to-do lists for each day leading up to Thursday starting with Monday.

Monday: Take out the turkey and place in freezer. Did you know our turkeys this year were imported  from South Carolina?? True story!

Tuesday: Make pumpkin puree (out of butternut squash. huh.)
                Make pie crusts 
               Bake cornbread and cut into one inch cubes for dressing/stuffing 

Wednesday: Prepare brine for turkey. Later place turkey in brine.
                      Bake apple pie, 'pumpkin' pie, and pecan pie
                    Chop lump of chocolate that used to be chocolate chips, but melted on the way over from America, and turn it back into chocolate chips to be used in cake next day.
                     Prepare bucket of bread dough and leave to rise overnight in fridge.

Thursday's Menu:
Turkey --of course!
Dressing/Stuffing --what do you call it?
Mashed potatoes
Scalloped potatoes --our current volunteer, Christina is bringing this fun addition to our table.
Mixed veggies
Cranberries --I found this rare treat in the store in Lusaka in August! I immediately scooped up three cans!

'Pumpkin' Pie
Apple Pie
Pecan Pie --I'm so excited about this because Christina brought pecans and corn syrup with her!
Chocolate Chip Sour Cream Pound Cake
Custard --pourable, to take the place of whipped cream

Can you tell I'm excited?? And now, looking over this list, I'm exhausted! I'd better head to bed!

What are you making this year?

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