Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Love Comes Softly

As I look down at little Naomi and her sweet rosebud mouth, her clear brown eyes, and the little mohawk that is forming out of the wisps of hair on top of her head, it hits me--I love this kid.

It might seem obvious. It's a newborn baby, what's not to love? But, love doesn't always hit like a lightning bolt.

Unlike a normal baby experience, we didn't have 7-9 months to get to know Naomi as she grew and developed out of sight. We didn't feel the first little kicks, we didn't plan her layette, and get a crib ready just for her arrival.

Receiving a baby in the first days is strictly a triage situation: We react in much the same way as a paramedic would--what are the vitals, how is the overall health? What first needs to be done to get her healthy?

Love is often not foremost in our minds. 

And yet, love is given and shared. We cuddle. We snuggle. We feed. We bathe. We do what needs to be done.

It's not always discernible and tangible love. It's often just basic care.

But, over time, something happens. Slowly but surely, we fall in love. 

That baby wriggles into our hearts and becomes a part of us.

Some babies are easier to love than others. Some are grumpy and fussy. Others are just so easygoing, they are a breeze to care for. Some are sick and need round-the-clock care, leaving us exhausted.

At the end of the day though, easygoing or colicky, it isn't long before that baby is so much a part of our family we can't remember life without them. Love has come--slowly and quietly, but permanently.

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