Saturday, October 1, 2011

A Family Affair

Someone wrote me an email recently (Z, I haven't forgotten about replying, I promise) and asked to see more pictures of Joseph.

He is growing up so quickly and well. Someone stepped up to sponsor the special milk we need for him, and for that we are extremely grateful.

Here in the house he is quickly becoming a favorite. --I know....we shouldn't have favorites....oh, well.--

Even Tom has this cute look on his face when he looks at Joseph. Then he sees that I'm looking at him and he pretends to be gruff again. Silly man.

Taking care of the babies in our home takes all of us pitching in and doing our part even while doing our other duties.

Tom has held him on (a rare) ocassion while catching up on TV shows.

Timmy and Jasmine will both help out with holding Joe while doing their computer school or surfing the web.

And, have you ever noticed that a baby takes its best naps while snuggled on the chest of a sleeping grownup?

Joseph can't help but feel loved with all the people taking turns to cuddle and hold him.

Oh, and by the way! He rolled over today! At 7 weeks old! Isn't he just the best and most developed baby ever?? Yes, I am completely in love with him. Why do you ask?

Update: After Thursdays blog post about the opportunity to help us get chickens for the orphanage, you have donated enough to purchase 69 chickens! Only 31 to go! There is still time to donate. Be a part of a wonderful effort.
Thank you to all those who have given so far. You all rock!!

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