Saturday, October 22, 2011

Little Red Hen

I know on Thursday I promised a post about the chickens on Friday. But, we had no electricity all day on Friday....and then still no electricity all Friday night. 
Are you as tired of these 'excuses' as I am?

The chickens are completely settled in. I checked on them today. They seemed happy. 
Thursday morning we met up with a truck from Lusaka. He was loaded down with crates of chickens. Each crate holds 10 chickens. I feel so sorry for the chickens at the bottom of the stack. Also collecting chickens that day were some missionary friends of ours who have a farm just outside Mansa.

Our shopping buddy, Morgan, helped move the chickens from the company's crates to our 7 crates. 

Have you ever eaten a chicken wrap while your lunch's cousins rode behind you in a cage? It's a weird feeling.

Now the chickens are settled into their home. Those ladders lead up to their nesting boxes where they can lay their eggs in peace.

It will take time to get production up to the maximum of 93 eggs per day--but we're on our way. 

Thank you to all who helped make this possible! 
You are fantastic!


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