Monday, October 10, 2011

Lean on Me

The other day, we gathered all the children in our living room so they could watch Toy Story 3 which was recorded on our DVR. Normally the kids sit on their little chairs and watch videos in the dining room every afternoon. But since we didn't have this movie on DVD we made an exception and all the kids piled onto our tiny rug.

Shortly after the movie began, I looked over and saw this adorable sight:

That's Queenie (5 years old) holding Moriah (almost 3) who was holding Denny (2 years old). 

It reminded me of this photo taken this summer by one of our volunteers:

Lizzie (18 months) holding Grace (4 months)

To the snooty misinformed lady who insisted that our orphanage was just an institution, I'd challenge her to look at these photos and tell me our children are not part of a family.

Exactly One Year Ago: Sundays in My City (would you believe Johnny was the star in this one too?)


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