Saturday, October 29, 2011

Kisses from Katie

When Kisses from Katie, a book written by Katie Davis, a missionary to Uganda appeared on my list of books to be reviewed, I was so excited. I've been following Katie's blog for a couple years and have been fascinated by the life she describes.

Once I had downloaded the galley onto my computer, I hesitated. I suddenly didn't want to read the book. I just knew I would challenged in ways. I didn't want to be nudged to be a better person. 

Of course, I did read it later that day. And, I thoroughly enjoyed it. Katie has such a fresh and wonderful way of looking at the people and places she works in and with. She speaks often of seeing Jesus in everyone around her. It's beautiful!

As I expected, I was challenged. I was inspired. I was given a fresh perspective. I'm so glad I read it. Katie isn't perfect. Her world is far from perfect. But her obedience to God's Will for her is amazing. She doesn't always want to obey, but the important thing is she does. And because of that, she has made an incredible impact in her corner of the globe.

Katie was a high school graduate, with the standard American life--a good family, an adoring boyfriend, and a healthy future ahead of her, who decided to spend a year working in Uganda, teaching at a preschool, before heading off to college. 

Then, God and Africa got a hold of her. Her life changed completely. She is now the mother of 14 little Ugandan orphaned girls. To find out how that all came about you'll just have to read Kisses from Katie. I highly recommend it. 

And, when you do, I'm warning you: Your life will be challenged. Like me, you'll find ways that God wants to work in and through you. It will be so worth it though, believe me!

On a related note: Meg wrote a beautiful post yesterday. We all can't wait for her to come back to Africa!

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* I received a free,digital galley from NetGalley and Simon & Schuster, Inc to review. All opinions are my own.


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