Friday, October 14, 2011

Guess Who's Coming To Dinner?

First, I'll tell you who is NOT coming to dinner. It's Tom, Timmy, Jasmine, Troy and Elias. They are all stranded in Mansa after today's shopping trip because the car broke down.

As far as we can tell from preliminary inspections, it has something to do with the gear box. The clutch is fine. This has happened once before. One of the many pitfalls of potholes.

Tom and team are holed up in a hotel and we're praying that the mechanic--I hate to call him a bush mechanic, but that's the truth of the matter--will not only quickly locate the exact problem, but also find replacement parts. Remember, we are not near any large cities. There are no auto repair shops. No auto parts stores. Just men with some experience working on the side of the road.

Even if a part is located, it is most likely an all day job because the car basically has to be dismantled to get at the part of the engine where the gear box is. I'm praying it is done by the afternoon tomorrow early enough that Tom won't have to drive home in the dark.

To any would-be thieves reading this.....Tom may be gone--but his shotgun is right here next to me.

I'm not entirely alone anyway. Aside from the 22 babies and children, and the 2 nannies sleeping over at night, I'll have someone else keeping me company tonight.

If you follow Kazembe Orphanage on Facebook, you've probably already guessed where I'm going with this.....

Meet our newest baby girl!

She's so new that we haven't even named her yet.

Baby Girl was born on October 11 and her mom died immediately following the delivery from hemorrhaging--at the exact same clinic where Joseph was born and where his mom suffered the same fate. Baby Girl came to the orphanage October 13 and I was told by the relatives that she hadn't been fed at all yet. Nearly 2 days old and not a sip of anything to drink. Not only that, she was bundled to within and inch of her life and was all sweaty. Already she was showing signs of dehydration. I could not believe it.

Now that she's been fed properly, all dehydration symptoms have vanished. She is now just a normal little newborn baby. She has an infection in her eyes--probably due to being exposed to bacteria at birth--but otherwise she seems healthy. More good news--her mom was tested for HIV just a couple weeks ago and the result was negative. No HIV! Let the happy dance commence!

Please pray that Baby Girl settles in well. Pray  that she stays healthy and grows strong.

Please pray for our car to be repaired at a minimum of expense and time.

Please pray for all our continued protection. 


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