Saturday, October 15, 2011

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

Carla told me day before yesterday in comments that she really enjoyed reading the list of things that have bitten Tom on my sidebar. She was curious if I've ever been bitten.

Funnily enough, or not so funny if you remember how often I run screaming in the opposite direction when wildlife comes calling, I've never been bitten by anything bigger than a mosquito, spider or ant. I react terribly to insect bites so I'd hate to see what happened if I came in contact with something with actual teeth. 

Speaking of animals biting Tom, last year I wrote an article about a weasel creature (with the local name--akasama) that was brought to our property. I wondered how long it would be before it joined the list of animals that have bitten Tom.

A few days ago, we got another of these weasel creatures. Tom wrote about it here on his blog. Go read it. I'll wait right here....

He mentions in the blog that we released it into the wild. He fails to mention that  the akasama first escaped from his cage and wreaked havoc in Tom's man-cave. He tipped over boxes and spilled an entire bottle of termite poison. It was nearly impossible to breathe in that section of the building. I was not sorry to see him set free.

Never a dull moment.....

P.S As I write this, my kids and Elias are on a bus heading home. Tom stayed behind in Mansa with the car. I just heard it will take a couple days to repair (really jury-rig--since the part is way too expensive) and so Tom will come home on the bus tomorrow morning. We'll travel back to Mansa by bus on Wednesday in order to get the car ready and pick up the chickens on Thursday morning.


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