Monday, October 25, 2010

A New Experience for the Kids

This past week the kids had the opportunity to learn all about a special exotic animal. A fisherman brought us a baby crocodile that had gotten tangled up in his fishing nets.

The kids gathered around for our special guest keeping a safe distance. The crocodile was tied to the water bucket and couldn't really go anywhere.

Tom explained really well all the features of the crocodile. Doesn't he look like a real crocodile hunter?

The kids were very attentive and learned all about what crocodiles eat, why the look the way they do, and where crocodiles live.

Look at those dangerous teeth. We all stayed well away.

Even the dogs wanted to get in on the lesson. I didn't capture it on camera but Buzz, our part-Lab, came running up to explore and got a little too close. The crocodile whipped around suddenly and poor Buzz was so startled he flew sideways with all four paws leaving the ground at once. We all laughed 'till we nearly cried.

Two days later, ZAWA (Zambia Wildlife Association) officers came to pick up and relocate the baby croc. Another successful rescue!


  1. Neat, I would have loved to have seen the dog's reaction. Ha!!

    I remember when I was a kid, every year a man would bring exotic animals into our elementary school. By far some of the strongest memories of my childhood involve those animals!

  2. What a great learning experience for all of you!

    The kids are adorable.

    Hugs & love,

  3. You weren't kidding! You have been very busy and having tons of fun. :) I think I would have had a heart attack at the sight of the crocodile, even if he was just a small one.

  4. My ferocious cat can beat up your alligator.

    (She really can't, she just wanted me to tell you that. Although she can NEARLY maul a mouse to death).

  5. That little croc is adorable, too, at least when he's so little :)

  6. Wow! When the animal people bring crocs to show around here, their mouths are duct-taped shut. I feel a little bad for the croc, but I suppose the handlers like to keep all their fingers. Too bad you didn't get a video of the dog ... that would have been awesome!!


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