Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Tuesday's This 'n' That on the Web

On Monday I was surfing the web, while trying to ignore the fact that my hubs had just left, and came across this post from my friend Tina who lives in Spain. It's called Home is Where? and speaks about her many travels and what effect that has on her perception of 'home'. 
I shared a story with her about how a couple years ago I took one of our orphans to our nearby city to take care of medical issues. We had to spend the night. That day, he really wasn't happy with all our running around and I told him that after one more errand we would go home. He cheered up for a while but when we did that one thing and then only went to a friend's house, he looked at me with hurt and betrayal in his eyes. This wasn't our home! I felt terrible. With all my moving around I have come to feel that wherever I lay my head, is home. Obviously he begged to differ. Poor baby.

Also this week,  I read on Scholastic Scribe about her spring cleaning and finding an old recipe by her mother's neighbor, written down years before. She went on to make the meatball recipe and her family enjoyed it. It made me wonder what our children will find left behind by us. With everything digitalized and computerized are we leaving anything of ourselves behind? My wonderfully organized binder of recipes is all printed--not much handwriting. 

We don't even write letters anymore. I'd love to have a box filled with handwritten love letters, but most of our romantic missives are stored in gmail or skype histories. What do you think? Have you found a way to preserve your personality and history for future generations?


  1. I can just see his little face. We all perceive home in so many different ways!
    I have a few handwritten things around, but not much! We hope to get around to doing some digital photo books. I guess that's what we'll be leaving behind!

  2. Good thoughts! It might do us good to print out some of our most favorite posts and then stuff them away in a binder with some handwritten notes about our children and how we love them.
    My MIL has a bunch of letters written by a relative in the 1850's - 1860's just before and after the Civil War. We have enjoyed reading them (after the handwriting has been deciphered! LOL) and finding out about how life was back then.

  3. Hi Amy!

    Where in Africa are you? What country. And what part of India did you live in?

  4. Hello Amy, home is where... I wonder at times why I still call my parents' house "home". And on the other hand, my feet are itchy and I want to move so badly lately that home does not feel like home, but as a place to start emptying and saying goodbye to.

    As to written letters, I scrapbook so I think the kids will be quite happy to look back. When my Dad died I printed all his emails and I have kept them. I have started writing little nothings to my daughter at uni and decorate both envelopes and letters, my daughter keeps them. As you say not easy in this computer age.

    Which reminds me, back up your blog on your hard drive at least you don't lose everything.

    Take care. Sorry I had not been visiting in ages. xxx

  5. I keep all my special birthday cards, and letters in a blue briefcase with a sunflower painted on the outside.

    It's true what you said how things are all on the computer or cyberspace. That's what makes all these things in my briefcase so special.


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