Saturday, March 12, 2011

Links of Love

....Or How I Got the Web to Write this Post for Me

Lindsey at  Suburban Turmoil often writes really fantastic and thought provoking posts. I especially appreciated the post she wrote this week about helping our girls to preserve their sense of worth: Searching For My Crown

I've enjoyed getting to know a fellow missionary who currently works in Spain. Tina writes fun posts about her family and their experiences. She also has written about her journey through infertility and she now helps other women who are in the same place. I encourage you to check this link.

That's all for me today. It's my day off, but I'm enjoying my new to-do list program so much that I'm gonna work anyway just to cross things off my list. I'll be telling you all about my new addiction on Tuesday.

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  1. Thanks Amy for the link love!! Hope you're having a great weekend!!


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