Monday, March 28, 2011

Our Kids--Nathan

Nathan--5 months old
The first time I met Nathan, nearly two years ago, he was in a tiny, mud hut just off the main road leading into our village, Kazembe. I had been called to this home by his great-uncle, Kennedy. Nathan's mother was suffering from an enlarged heart from an infection. She had been in the hospital for a month and had been sent home by the hospital because "they had no medicine to help her". She was now on hospice care (alone) with no stronger medicine than Tylenol to relieve her symptoms.

Nathan was an adorable boy of five months old. Unlike some babies in the village who cry in terror of my white skin, he climbed right into my lap and began to play with my hair. I fell instantly in love. 

Eight months old
Looking over at Nathan's mother, who was lying on the floor on a thin mattress, my heart broke. Unable to bear the weight of clothing on her chest, her shirt lay open. Every few minutes a spasm would come over her and she would clutch her heart in pain. I felt completely helpless. Not for the first time I wished I had some type of medical training. Some way to relieve her suffering. She needed clean, soft bedding, strong pain relievers and comfort.

2 years old
 All she asked of me was that I take her baby. When he saw his mother, Nathan wanted to nurse and be held but that understandably caused her immense pain. Obviously it's not our normal practice to take in a baby that has a living mother but I could see she really couldn't care for him. After first promising that as soon as she got better we would bring Nathan back home to her, I took Nathan in my arms and carried him home. Two weeks later, his mother passed away. I firmly believe that her final hours were peaceful as she knew that her little baby boy was being cared for and loved. That much I could do.

2 1/2 and loving our new kitten
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  1. I am quite sure that Nathan's mother died in peace knowing that God had sent her an angel to watch over her child. God bless you in all that you do. I feel honored to have read this story. Thank you.

  2. Awwww, what a sad story! I'm so glad he's with you all now.

  3. Oh my goodness. That is a beautiful and heartbreaking story. I am glad I found your blog - thanks for stopping by mine on my SITS day.

  4. That is such a heart wrenching story! I love reading your blog!!!


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