Saturday, March 26, 2011

I Like-a You!

Henry, one of our three year old children, got into a bad habit last year of telling any of the kids he was upset with that he didn't like them. He would shout out, "I don't like you"! This of course would make the other child dissolve into tears.

We taught him that it wasn't kind to tell other people that we didn't like them. It was one thing to not want to play together or to take a break (how many of you just thought of Friends?) but we still had to watch our words that they were kind and loving.

He learned his lesson pretty quickly and now his favorite phrase is, "I like-a you"! He runs up, throws his arms around us, nearly knocking the less steady of us over, and after a big squeeze, he looks up and says, "I like-a you"! It's very sweet.

You know what? I like-a you! 

I like that I have a place I can share my insecurities and still be loved. I like that I don't have to be a perfect missionary all the time. And, thank heaven's for that! 

I like hearing from you and being able to write back and have a relationship with you even though I'm stuck all alone in the bush. 
Yes, I'm still feeling a bit sorry for myself--I just heard  that a friend who lives nearby might be away for some time. This on the heels of the news that my brother has delayed his visit. Rather than spending April with me and helping to fill some of my husbandless hours, he will now be here closer to the middle or end of May  
But, I'm definitely looking on the brighter side today. And you are a big reason for that. Thank you!

*Both these pictures were taken by our friend, Gray. Gray and his partner, Esther run Raise a Smile charity and hostel in Berlin, Germany. If you're ever passing through Berlin you should stop by and say hi or stay the night in their African-themed hostel.


  1. Nice post :) I like a you too.

  2. What a beautiful smile!

    We like a you lots Amy! We are with you even though you don't see us everyday. Hang in there, keep busy and your husband will be back before you know it!

  3. I like-a you lots too. You are doing a fantastic job and your posts are filled with so much inspiration and love. Take care.

  4. It's a shame more people don't understand the power of blogging. I like-a you, too :)

  5. Look at that boy... his smile is infectious! Absolutely adorable!

    And I'm sorry you're having such a rough time with things lately. It will get better soon enough.


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