Sunday, March 13, 2011

Snakes in My City

 Below is a picture of my two chest fridge/freezers. The one on the left is set to freeze and the one on the right is set as a fridge. We keep our veggies and leftovers in there.

Just a side note. If you look at the far left of the photo you can see just a small portion of the 30 loaves of bread we go through each week.

Now, you might be wondering why I would be showing you my freezer.

Well, because this is the sign that was left on top of the freezer yesterday afternoon. What could be so dangerous about a box that keeps things cold? Let's take a peek inside.

Hmmm, suspicious looking gunny sacks. You might remember sacks like these from a previous Sunday in my city post....

 No way! I did not see this coming! There is a snake in my freezer! Correction. There are seven snakes in my freezer! All huge! All poisonous!

Tom decided to thin out his snake population this weekend. The most humane way to kill snakes is to pop them in the freezer. They basically just go to sleep forever. 

Many of you have questions about why Tom does what he does with snakes. I've written about it over here (it's in the second half).

This guy is 3-4 feet long. His head is about 4 inches across. When I asked Tom what the measurements were for the snake he said he didn't know but that I could go measure it!

What?? It's like he doesn't know me at all! He assured  me it was dead. Not in this lifetime will I voluntarily hold a snake--dead or alive!

Marriage is like putting your hand into a bag of snakes in the hope of pulling out an eel.
Leonardo da Vinci

I don't agree with Leonardo's take on marriage, but I do know that being married to a man who loves snakes is never ever boring!

I'm playing along this week with FreshMommyBlog and Unknown Mami.
Unknown Mami

Exactly One Year (& a day) Ago: My Hips Don't Lie


  1. ok - I would freak if there were snakes in my freezer... at least he left you a note!

  2. Oh, after reading your title, you are lucky I finished reading your post! I am not a fan ofsnakes either. It is nice he left the note though. That da Vinci quote is funny!!

  3. Fascinating (and funny)! Better you than me!

  4. Eww! Suspiciously like an Indian cobra! Yikes....

  5. Um, Amy? I am starting to think that Tom might be just a wee bit, how do I say this nicely, INSANE??? Oh my heck. I am glad my husband only collects Pez. You are possibly the bravest strongest woman I know. Even though we've never met. And since there may be snakes in YOUR freezer, you need to come to my house to visit :-)

  6. What an adventure you're having! Those kids' faces are precious. The snakes - not so precious. Great pictures, though. You're a brave woman.Thanks for coming by so I could find your blog too.

  7. Yowza, I don't think I'd be able to even look at those snakes through a viewfinder; you are BRAVE.

  8. Wow. I thought Snakes in a Plane was weird. Snakes in the freezer? Cool. I guess that's the word for it.

  9. That literally made my skin crawl. I am not a fan of snakes haha. They are beautiful, but they just creep me out. I can't help it lol

    Thank you for stopping by my blog yesterday! I appreciate it :)

  10. Eeeeeeeeks!!! How do you manage to stay inside the house?? Dead or not, I wouldn't be able to stand the thought of a snake in my freezer at all!!

  11. Oh I just can't imagine snakes anywhere! I just love following your Zambian adventures!

  12. Da Vinci was gay, he doesn't have a clue about marriage.

    And OH MY GOSH! I would have FREAKED OUT to find that in my freezer!!!

  13. Oh my gosh. This made me actually SCREAM out loud!

  14. Oh my goodness, that is crazy!! I think I would freak at seeing that in my freezer!! Hilarious. :)


  15. NO.Thank.You! That is ONE animal I can't deal with! I love animals but those things freak me out!! Hey...see if hubby will make you a nice pair of shoes with the skin though! =)

  16. I like snakes but I don't think I would like to come home to a freezer full of them! Happy SIMC.

  17. Wow..thats sorta cool! lol I would much rather see one like this than alive!

  18. That could have been so dangerous!!
    I am scared to death by little creepy crawlies, I just cant imagine that one day i open my fridge and find a snake in there!!!
    Have a good day:)

  19. Blech! That gave me shivers just looking at it!

    Hugs & love,

  20. Has Tom ever heard of golf? Coin collecting? Just some alternate hobby suggestions...

  21. ewwwww! Brave woman putting up with that!

    BTW, thanks so much for the comment on the pj bottoms... I found a great pattern/tute for you here....

    I'm sure if you follow her pattern yours will turn out far better than mine :) Happy Sewing!

  22. It seems to me that sometimes your marriage is like putting your hand into a fridge and pulling out 7 dead snakes, but in a good way.

  23. Oh you are SO a better wife than I am. I read this in my reader and then clicked over to comment and I had to close my eyes as I scrolled down because I didn't want to see that snake again. And now I have my feet pulled up on my chair because leaving them on the ground (you know, where snakes crawl) was giving me the heebie jeebies. You brave and patient woman.

  24. I would have screamed and then likely cried if I found something like that in my freezer! Holy YIKES!

    Visiting from the SITS comment hour!

  25. OH ICK ICK ICK ICK ICK! My skin is positively CRAWLING at the thought of this!


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