Monday, March 7, 2011

Everything Changes

This time last week I was writing to you about Joshua and how we would love to take him under our wings and care for him but we are waiting on enough funding to be able to care for him properly. 

We have received some good responses and are just waiting until we have raised enough monthly support so we can commit to hiring another caregiver. In the meantime, we saw Joshua today and he is doing well. We've given his family another tin of milk formula and will continue to do so until we get the go-ahead from God and our finances.

This past Thursday another little boy was brought to our door. We have to take each case as it comes so we agreed to see the family. We were introduced to Denny, a little 18 month old boy.
His mother passed away recently from some sort of illness--this is usually a vague thing since most people don't know much about what sicknesses they have.

I took one look at Denny and could see that while he was obviously loved (his clothes were clean, he was washed, and he was munching on a doughnut), he was also seriously malnourished. His cheeks were puffy but not with healthy toddler chub, he has Kwashiorkor--a form of malnourishment. His hair is orange and sparse. His legs were skinny and his feet swollen.  He is unable to walk--probably because of spending so much time being carried on a relative's back. He has been looked after these last few months by his mother's cousin who has nine children of her own.

We knew right away that we would have to take Denny in. He was in a very vulnerable state and could easily contract more illnesses since his body's immune system was not getting the nutrition it needed.

Thankfully, because of his age, he was able to slide right into the 'Toddler' group. Our  three 1 & 2 year old children are looked after by one nanny so she was able to take on the care of one more. Denny is just two weeks old than Peter.--It's almost like having twins.

Our task right now is to get Denny healthy. We've made him some special, extra nutritious milk and are giving him that before solid food. His appetite is not that great so we'll offer him the milk and then as his health improves so should his appetite.

Remember, if you would like to partner with us to help more children in Zambia it's as easy as 1, 2, 3.
#1 Click on this link or the donate button at the top of the blog page. 
#2 Choose to give a one time gift or monthly support--let us know in the memo section or an email what you'd like to do.
#3 Know you've made a difference in a child's life.



  1. Amy- I just sent you a payment. I'd like to do a sponsorship. Can you set up a recurring/scheduled draft from your end through paypal so I don't have to remember (or forget!) every month. Thanks

  2. I sent a one time donation. It isn't much but I hope it helps! He is precious and you are an angel!!

  3. Poor baby! I'm so glad you were able to take him in. And I'm still praying for Joshua.

  4. Hi Amy, I will be praying for you all and for Joshua this week. I am in a time/money crunch this next few months paying the last of our extensive adoption fees, but I plan to send a donation to you. Blessings to you and your work.


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