Saturday, October 23, 2010

Where I Live

Rainy season is nearly upon us and boy, am I glad. All our grass is dry and crispy--so much so that it hurts to walk barefoot on it. But, we've had our first couple sprinkles and very soon everything will turn green and beautiful again.

I wanted to give you a little tour of our home. The outside at least.

This is closer up to the C-shaped building and the courtyard.
1. Staff lunch room
2. Clinic
3. Library
4. Older kids' (3-5 years) bedroom
On the side of this wing is where our playground is located.
6. Playroom (and future school room)
7. Nursery (newborn to 3 years)
8. Staff rooms--we have 2 designated for live-in nannies
9. More bedrooms--seven total for volunteers and my 3 kids. Plus one craft room
Your eyes do not deceive you--I forgot #5

The view looking the other direction with the C-shaped building at our back.
1. Our satellite link to YOU!

2. My house and office.
Those green tanks above our house hold 10,000 Liters of water.
We pump the water all the way from the playground up to these tanks.
3. Kanono's cage with rabbit and guinea pig cages attached.
Behind this is the vegetable garden.

4. The snake cage with our Landcruiser parked under a canopy.
If you walk up the hill between the monkey cage and rabbit habitat, you'd pass our banana plantation and eventually reach the poultry house. I'll write about our chickens and ducks soon.

5. The dining room, kitchen, pantry and washroom.

I hope you've enjoyed this little tour. I'll be sure to post more pictures later in the year so you can see the transformation after the rains. 


  1. I love to read about your every day life- because it's so DIFFERENT from mine! I just read your list of things that have bitten Tom to my husband! :D

  2. Hey there! Great blog and love hearing about what you are doing. Thanks for visiting me on my sits day! I appreciate it and I am following you right back! XOXO Jessica

  3. I loved being able to visualize your home there, so thanks a ton for the tour. :)

  4. Thanks so much for the tour! I hope you'll share pics once everything turns green. That's my favorite part of the summer rain season here in Mexico.

  5. Very cool... It does look a little brown and crispy...


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