Tuesday, October 19, 2010

A Little of This and That

First of all, let me assure everyone that we are still fine and safe. There still hasn't been any resolution to our situation but the rumblings and grumblings have settled down. The sad thing is how this has affected our ability to help the community:

1. The three carpenters who were hired to build the little log cabin are out of jobs due to the work being halted at Mofwe Lagoon. They were counting on the money in order to get their fields planted before rainy season.

2. A youth empowerment group came by to ask if Tom could direct and film a drama they are doing. Because they are portraying a traditional leader as the villain in their little play, Tom asked them to speak with the chief first. We do not want to be blamed for the script. They haven't done this yet so their production is on hold.

3. A local farmer applied for a micro-loan a few weeks ago but yesterday Tom had to inform him that all micro-loans are on hold for the present time because of the instability we're feeling.

That's over a dozen people whose lives have been affected by this confusion. We're hoping to get this across to the government officials we'll be meeting with in the next few days and weeks.

My weight loss goals are on track so far. Having pledged to lose 17 pounds in 17 weeks I am at 6 pounds lost in 3 weeks. Not too shabby. I did not lose anything during our trip to Lusaka but at least I held onto my loss which is nearly as good, in my books.

While down in Lusaka I squeezed in a visit to the doctor. Blood (and other samples) were taken and I now know that I am the proud owner of my very own ulcer. I wonder where that could have come from? I mean, I live an idyllic life with not a care in the world, right? So, guess what the doctor suggested I eat? Potatoes! Bread! and Pasta! What in the world?!? 
This reminds me of when I lost 30 pounds doing Atkins (which was amazing!) and I loved eating low-carb and it suited me. Then I moved to Africa and 8 months later was diagnosed with Hepatitis A. Guess what the eating regime is for recovery from that? ONLY starch and sugar. No protein or fats whatsoever! Sigh.....
I'm trying to be extra careful with my portions so that I can continue to make progress on my goals. Exercise is definitely going to be a big part of the program also.
Sunday marked the beginning of the new season. And that season is.......Scorpion season. My least favorite time of the year. Six weeks of stumbling across Imperial scorpions all over our property. Their appearance corresponds with the beginning of rainy season and the time when the air fills with bugs of all types and sizes. Even though I know the scorpions have a purpose in the environment I still hate them a lot!

Baby Peter is starting to test his boundaries. He wanted to play with Jasmine's Game Boy and cried big fat tears demanding it. We firmly told him he could have it when he'd stopped crying. Those tears dried up fast. This tells me he understands real well what is expected of him and he is going to need discipline soon. The 'naughty mat' will be ready and waiting for him.

That's all for today. Check back tomorrow for answers to some of your burning questions. 

Rant of the day: Blogger, please publish on time!!


  1. Congratulations on your weight loss!! Keep up the great work. Bummer on the ulcer but yay on Baby Peter growing up! It's a great feeling to know toddlers can finally understand and you no longer feel like you are talking to an alien from outer space!

  2. Sounds like your weight loss is a success in the making!! WooHoo!

    Praying good things come from your meetings with the officials.


  3. What a mess. I hope it all gets resolved soon, including your ucler. Hmm, can ulcer's heal?

    Hugs & love,


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