Wednesday, October 13, 2010

African Travel Truths

Truth#1 The time the bus arrives at your station is in direct relation to how quickly you walked down a sandy road carrying your luggage. If you walk fast it will be one hour late.

Truth #2 Losing 6 pounds will not make the narrow bus seats any larger or more comfortable.

Truth #3 No matter how many times you do it, peeing in a  grassy field with 50 other people and no bushes to hide behind, is no less awkward

Truth # 4 Knowing snakes fear you more than you fear them brings no comfort when you're walking through a field in the dark and the grass rustles.

Truth # 5 Zambian pop music blasting through the bus speakers at midnight is not improved by the lady next to you singing along in a falsetto voice.

Truth # 6 You will always be in your heaviest sleep when immigration boards the bus or you reach your destination.

Truth # 7 Even though you tell yourself that the hotel mosquito net is there to protect you from dangerous disease carrying mosquitoes it will still be claustrophobic.

Truth # 8 The moment your head hits the pillow after a 16 hour bus ride is when blog ideas will pop into your head. 

Truth #9 Your son and husband are guaranteed to moan and groan if you turn on your mini-laptop to jot down the above ideas so you can sleep in peace.

What are the traveling truths you've discovered?


  1. #5 made me laugh....and wonder what Zambian pop music sounds like!

  2. I just read a great book about a family living in Uganda called "First Comes Love, Then Comes Malaria" and this post could have been taken directly out of that book!

    Hugs & love,

  3. That's just the way it works, isn't it?? Can be frustrating!!!

  4. So funny, any live chickens on the bus?

    On the bright side, you didn't get car sick, did you? Maybe I'm sorry I brought that up. Sorry.

    That's the reason you call it Amy's Assorted Adventures! It's always an adventure!!!


  5. Truth: I don't want to stay in a motel where a mosquito net is required. I just spent 45 minutes chasing a fly out of my office.

  6. And I'm sure it saved my life.

  7. I too am curious as to what Zambian pop music sounds like!

    And #9 happens quite often in our house! :)

  8. Popping over here from Elizabeth Esther's blog. Thank you for the early morning giggle! Delightful!


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