Thursday, October 7, 2010

Fab Friday Foto(s) XXIV

 Or: Everything is Not as It Seems

This is a typical market stall in our village. They sell anything from pots and pans, shoes, children's toys and stuffed animals to clothes. Everything is draped over the bamboo or laid out on blankets on the ground.
 The other day we had to take care of some errands so we were passing through the marketplace and I spotted something I thought Tom would love.

Tom loves lions and so I just knew he wouldn't pass up the opportunity to own a towel with a lion on it. Gifts is also his love language so I was going to score big on this one.

 But what is that behind the lion--on the other half of the towel?

 Tom's day just got better and better.


  1. LOL, tom will be happy

  2. Bwahah...that's too funny & so random! I have no idea who that chick she somebody famous & why is she posing with a lion??

  3. Oh how funny! I'm sure he loved it. As would ANY man... :)

  4. Oh my. I did NOT see that coming. Did you actually get the towel? What was Tom's reaction? Too funny!!


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