Friday, October 1, 2010

Monkey Business

I would normally have a Fab Friday Foto feature here but I couldn't get internet to work yesterday so you'll get some fab photos and a post today. Cool? Okay!

I've written about our pet monkey before. He is still a challenging little animal. He is so human-like at times it is hilarious. He can open doors, and escapes all the time. He loves to have Tom sit with him in the afternoon and he searches for treats in Tom's pockets.

He has decided that he needs his own pet. So, he broke into the guinea pig cages next to his and kidnapped (pignapped) a little guinea pig.

He cuddles him, play bites on him and grooms him. Aside from a few squeals when he's bitten, the guinea pig seems surprisingly okay with the whole arrangement. 

 The other day, Kanono was dirty so Tom thought the best solution would be to throw him in our new pool.

We had no idea how he'd react or if he'd be able to swim. We positioned ourselves around the pool in case we needed to rescue him.

He ended up being a very good swimmer.

It was funny to see how he swam directly for his 'daddy'. He looked so childlike as he reached out to be lifted from the pool.

A dripping wet monkey. That water drop on my lens happened to blur just the right spot.

Poor tucked out little monkey took a nap on our couch.

P.S I misspoke the other day when I said that gaboon vipers were endangered. Tom told me later they are extinct in some countries where they used to live so they are diminishing in numbers but not yet labeled endangered. Thanks for your good questions and comments. I appreciate and value every single one.


  1. Wow! He's seriously cute. :-)

    My rabbit used to have her own pet guinea pig until he died recently. I inherited the situtation but people use to think I was nuts when I explained it to them! Glad I'm not alone after all.

  2. Is this the first I'm hearing about the monkey? I LOVE MONKEYS!! Gosh, I have just GOT to make it a point to come visit you in Africa!!

  3. @Foxy, and to think all I had to do was get a monkey. Maybe he's not so bad after all. Come visit!

  4. how cool is that! What a neat pet & so different that other animals. Can't wait to read & see more about your monkey!


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