Sunday, October 31, 2010

Don't Try This At Home

Two years ago my kids decided to make a Jack O Lantern pinata for our Halloween party. They worked really hard scrounging up enough newspapers (the national newspaper is really thin) and mixing up a flour/water mix to make a papier mache sphere. They used a balloon as the base. 

Once the pinata was dry they filled it up with candy and sealed it shut with more papier mache. Our only problem was we couldn't find any spray paint. Out here in the bush we don't have WalMarts, Michaels or Hobby Lobbys to dash to when we find we need a craft material.
Finally, a friend in the capital city bought some spray paint and put it in a box on a bus and we got the paint in the nick of time.

The kids gleefully sprayed the pinata and added the Jack O Lantern's face. 
Halloween night came around and they had a blast bashing the heck out of the shiny, grinning pumpkin. Finally, it broke open and all the candy came pouring out onto the ground. They dashed around gathering up handfuls of candy and then we all sat in the living room to devour the loot and that is when we realized our dreadful mistake. 

When we filled the pinata with candy before spray painting it, we had no idea that the paint fumes would go through and infuse every last piece of candy with a horrible chemical taste. 

Major FAIL!

It sure was pretty though! 

Happy Halloween, Everyone!
or Happy Fall Festival (if that's your thing)
or Happy Sitting at Home with Your Curtains Drawn (I'm not judging....)

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  1. OMG! I never would have thought of that! Guess brushing on tempora paint next time would be better, huh? Hey, you get an A for effort!

  2. Very funny, I bet it wasn't at the time, especially for the kids that were anticipating enjoying the candy. I hope they had a wonderful Halloween today.

  3. Visiting from SITS...what a bummer for your halloween candy :( Hope this years' halloween is fantastic!

  4. How funny (now)... bet it wasn't then... especially for the kids, ha. Hope this year's a blast for them.

  5. Oh NO! That stinks. That's for the tip, tho. Cuz that is something I would totally do, not knowing... It came out great tho...


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