Wednesday, January 9, 2013

A New Experience

So, lightning isn't the only enemy of our computers. Our frequent power cuts also wreak havoc. Laptops don't suffer much because of their built-in batteries, but desk tops are constantly shutting down improperly when the electricity goes off unexpectedly.

Troy's computer was in the middle of shutting down a couple weeks ago when the power went off. This meant that the programs got stuck on some setting that meant it couldn't turn on anymore.

When our regular computer guy came out to replace the internet router (again!) he took Troy's computer in for repairs. We were able to collect it a few days later when we went to Mansa to do our shopping. 

We had loaded all our groceries in, and the car was filled to the roof with supplies. Tom handed me the computer and asked me to load it into the small space behind his seat. As I lifted it up & over, the top half tipped over and whacked me in the eye. The pain took my breath away and I practiced my childbirth breathing for several seconds before I could trust myself not to shout. Then,  I pulled out my mirror to see if I was  bleeding. 

I wasn't. But, I had a huge welt right next to my eye.  It looked like I'd just been punched in the face. By a computer!

"I'm gonna have a black eye", I wailed to Tom. He was very helpful--in between laughing at me for getting into yet another predicament--and got a few chunks of ice from the gas station's water cooler that I could put into a plastic bag wrapped in a bandanna. Between that and some aspirin the swelling wasn't too bad. 

The bruising however..... well, just see for yourself.....

I feel badly for Tom. I tell people that I'm here in Lusaka to fix his computer which I left plugged in and that then got struck by lightning and consequently Tom may lose all his gaming progress, and there I am sporting a black eye. It just doesn't look good for the poor guy--and he has been so understanding.

But, I tell you the truth.....computers are dangerous things! 

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