Saturday, January 12, 2013

Schedules and Ships

Next weekend something very exciting is happening!

A few weeks ago we were  contacted by a couple in the U.S (B&S) who are looking for an orphanage where they can work. As in work—not just do a short term volunteer stint! Tom and I are understandably very excited. We have been praying for team members to join us.

Now, I’m trying desperately not to pin all my hopes on this possibility, while holding out Hope. Does that make sense?

Anyway, B&S are flying in next weekend for a 3-month scouting trip. 

This put a bit of a wrinkle in our scheduling (not that we’re complaining), but it was something we needed to tackle. The day before B&S are due to fly in is when we would normally be in Mansa doing our shopping.  Trying to figure out when we could do the shopping, with the added challenge of the ATMs not working, plus some business Tom would need to take care of in Lusaka if he were going to be there anyway, made a bit of a scheduling complication.

I was heading home on the bus on Thursday, and told Tom we could figure it all out when I got home.

Then, Tom was called unexpectedly to Mansa this Thursday for a meeting of the Police Reserves. When the meeting turned into an all-day affair I suggested that Tom just spend the night. I would get off the bus in Mansa, meet up with him and we could shop in the morning  before heading back to Kazembe.

Tom was quick to agree to this plan because he had not been able to sleep on Wednesday night and then Thursday was spent driving 3 hours and then sitting through eight hours of meetings which were only mildly productive. 

My bus pulled into a rainy and cold Mansa at 2AM. Once I located a taxi driver that wasn’t noticeably drunk,  I loaded my bags and boxes and headed to the little ‘hotel’ where Tom had booked a room. Arriving there, I schlepped my luggage (which included 36 tins of formula, and a box with 300 eggs) through the lobby, down some stairs and to the door of the room. The walls were so thin I could hear Tom inhale with surprise at the sound of my knock. He let me in and stumbled back to the bed.

After hauling in the luggage I collapsed on the thin mattress for a few hours of sleep.

The next morning we did the shopping, completed some business with the police and then eventually got on the road. We still had to make another stop on the way home to discuss our (possibly) future land, and then we finally reached home at 4:30 PM. 

Since I had gotten on the bus at 2 PM the day before, you can imagine I was fairly well exhausted.

Poor Tom too had not slept well for a few nights and had done all that driving. 

We were both so glad to be in our bed last night.

This is only temporary though because by Tuesday or Wednesday Tom will be on the road again to Lusaka to take care of some business and also collect our new friends. 

We're like ships in the night these days.

Update: The ATMs started working suddenly on Wednesday to my surprise and joy! Thank you for praying!

Update 2: Jasmine is still in Lusaka doing her bakery internship. She is staying with a nice missionary family. Since their two daughters are in college and boarding school, they are happy for a proxy daughter for a month. I’m so grateful for them! I’ll write more about Jasmine’s work and how she gets to and from work later. 

Update 3: My eye is still purple. That is all.

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