Monday, January 21, 2013

The Goings-on

Or is it Going-Ons? 

1. Our wonderful volunteer couple who is traveling here now, got stuck in London when snow shut down all flights out. They finally made it to Zambia, but their luggage did not. They are waiting in Lusaka until it arrives. Tom and Troy came back up to Kazembe, and B&S are being well cared for by some Peace Corps volunteers and a missionary. We look forward to them finally making it up here.

2. Tom's computer is completely repaired. Thankfully only the power supply had to be replaced and all his hard drives are fine. This is excellent news for his Skyrim game scores.

3. Maggie took her first steps on Saturday!! I had just walked up to the playground when she pushed herself to her feet and took her first solo steps. It was Family Day and there were a bunch of relatives watching. They all broke into applause.  I'll try to get a picture of her walking up soon.

4. I almost didn't come home ten days ago. In fact, I told Tom I wouldn't. What had driven me to such a desperate statement?
Snakes. Plain and simple.

Tom was given a nest full of baby pythons after villagers ate the mother snake. He was so excited since he has always wanted one. He came close to owning one a couple years ago, but it didn't work out.
Now he had 10 baby pythons. He was happy!
However, the day before I came home he called to tell me that the snakes had all escaped. 
In. Our. House!!!

He said he had found nearly all of them (one after it crawled up inside his shirt while he sat on the couch) but one was still missing. 

I love my family, so I came home. The day after, another snake went missing. We've since found one of the snakes in our vegetable bed, but another is still at large. Say a little prayer for me.

When I get up to go to the bathroom at night (pythons are nocturnal), I stomp my feet to scare off any snakes around.

5. Jasmine is loving her time in Lusaka. She's learned bread making techniques, how to price a dish, and is now working in a restaurant part of the time. She enjoys the work and can definitely see herself making a career out of this. She'll probably be in Lusaka for another 4 weeks.

Working the dough

Working the counter

There is so much going on these days, I hardly find the time to sit.

I'll share the adventures as they come.

P.S. Please pray for B&S to get up here safely soon. Thanks.

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