Thursday, January 31, 2013

Wildlife Adventures

You'll be happy to know that we found the remaining python that was lost in the house. Thankfully Troy found it before I did. It was curled up behind our DVR and DVD players and all tangled up in the wires. He (or she) had gone up there to be warm and cozy while shedding his skin. So gross!

After Tom untangled the snake from the wires it was understandably quite annoyed. It kept striking at Troy's Bible which led me to quip, "Snakes are Satan--it's been proved!"

Tom has some great photos of the baby pythons.  You can see them here: Pythons Galore!

Another day Tom took the snakes out to force feed them tiny bits of goat liver. A few of the boys gathered around to watch. Tom tried to put them (the snakes--not the boys) in a box, but they kept escaping. I overheard Johnny saying, "Hello mister, you're coming out of your cage because you're angry." I'm glad the kids get a chance to interact with all types of animals so they don't grow up with fear.

Speaking of fear.....I was reassuring Brent and Sarah that there aren't too many snakes around our house and that in the six years we've been living here I had never come upon a snake. Immediately after saying that I told them that now I would, of course.

Sure enough two nights ago as I was leaving the dining room, there curled up on the doorway was a baby snake--not a python, but a black, dangerous looking snake. I called Tom and Troy on their cell phones and begged them to come running. I didn't want to take my eyes off the snake, but I didn't want to be there anymore. 

Tom caught the snake and later determined it wasn't a dangerous one, but it looked similar to the stiletto, which you can see by the sidebar has bitten him already so better safe than sorry.

 I just hope that is it for the jinxing I gave myself.

Last weekend Tom was asked by the Wildlife Association to assist them in a hippo hunt. You can read all about his adventure here: The Great Hippo Hunt

As part of the fun he tested his new gun. See the interesting results on YouTube here.

Adventures Galore!

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  1. brandy fullerFebruary 05, 2013

    So glad you found the snake. :)


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