Monday, February 27, 2012

The Big Reveal!

Part of our trip preparations involve getting all 22 of the kids to sit down all together so we can get a group shot.

Sounds easy enough right?

The goals are pretty simple. 

We only need about half to be smiling at once. 

Most of the faces should be showing. 

The noses should be reasonably clean.

How do you think we did?

Names Left to Right
Top Row: Ephraim (14 mos) [can you see him peeking there?], Nathan (3), Janet (4),
Second Row: Beauty (4), Jennifer (3), Lizzie (2), Denny (2), Moriah (3), Peter (2)
Third Row: Henry (4), Theresa (5), Jack (2), Ernest (6) Ana (14 mos) Sandra (4)
Fourth Row: Queenie (5), Johnny (5), Chola (6), Elias (5)
Baby Row: Joseph (6 mos), Naomi (4 mos), Grace (11 mos)

Whew! That was a long read, right? Now, who has your favorite expression?

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