Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Life on our Homestead

Just a couple pictures showing life around here:

Tom holding up some of the corn from our garden. I feel like few veggies can compare with straight off the stalk sweet corn.

Jasmine learned how to sew this past week. She took to it real well and began hemming fabric for new curtains in the children's rooms.

 This is probably the third or fourth sewing machine we've owned since Tom and I got married. Each time I would see a used machine at a garage sale or resale shop, I'd imagine all the homemade things I could make and all the money I'd save. Tom would remind me that I didn't really know how to sew, but I'd tell him in all earnestness that I COULD LEARN. Once we'd dragged the machine home I would do my best to learn, but sewing machines are hard! There are so many places the thread has to pass through before you can even begin to design a new prom dress out of your mother's torn 1940s dress. 

The machine would then sit in a corner of my room, mocking me. A few months later we would set it out at our own garage sale.

 After the first machine, Tom was not as easy to convince. But, I would give him a spiel, "That was last time--so&so was just a baby. Everyone is older now. I just know I can learn this time." Once more the machine would be loaded in the car. One more I would study the machine. And once more, the many holes and levers would confound me and I'd be back to draping clean laundry over it.

Because of my history, I was pretty impressed with how quickly Jasmine took to sewing. I told her how proud I was of her and asked her if she was proud of herself. "Not really. It's kinda easy, so I don't see what the big deal is." Well, alrighty then!

I'm off to Mansa for two days but I hope to have a FAQ post up on Friday afternoon. 
See you then!


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