Wednesday, February 29, 2012

How to Cut a Green Pepper

Probably 8-10 years ago I was watching a random TV cooking show--I'm pretty sure it was a South African show--and I saw the chef cut a green/bell pepper (or do you say capsicum?) in a way that just made so much sense. Ever since I've cut my peppers this way and it makes a huge difference. 

Enough people have passed through my kitchen and said, "Wow! How did you do that so quickly?" that I decided to share 'my' method here.

First grab a pepper--green, red or yellow and set it on your cutting board.

Cut off each end. You want to end up with a bell pepper tunnel.

Next, take your knife and cut down one side of the pepper tunnel.

Then run your knife along the inside of the pepper to sever the membrane that holds the seeds onto the pepper.

You'll end up with a cute seed bundle and a long pepper strip. 

It's easiest if you cut that one long strip into two pieces so they can lay more flat.

Cut the pepper into thin strips, or in a fancier terms: julienne the pepper

Turn your strips and cut in the other direction--you'll end up with a nice dice.

Easy peesy!!

Do you have any tricks in the kitchen?


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