Monday, February 20, 2012

Where Has the Time Gone?

Last Wednesday I wrote a quick note with a promise of more to come on Friday. How on earth did it come to be Monday??

Well, I know where some of the time went. Tom and I spent Thursday night in Mansa. We're trying out this shop only every two weeks thing. Tom enjoys not having to navigate 100 miles of potholes twice in one day. Our necks, backs and derrieres thank us. And, we get a little alone time. It's win-win. You would think that with us being there an entire day instead of just a morning, we'd be able to get out early the next morning and head back down the road. But, nooooo. Somehow, the errands keeping coming and the to-do list keeps growing and so we end up getting back on the road around 2 PM. So, not so much time for blogging when we finally get home.

Then, this weekend we had guests! A missionary couple that moved into our area--just south of Mansa--decided to spend the weekend with us so we could exchange ideas and thoughts. It was a wonderful time, but also didn't leave me any time for blogging.

Today, I had to take Joseph to the clinic and that took ALL morning. Well, nearly all. The rest of my morning was spent interviewing two nanny candidates. 

Can someone please do me a favor and stop time for just a bit. Please. But, stop it in such a way that allows me to keep working. Every time I look at the calendar and see the days until my departure dwindling, I panic a little. 

I know, that I know, that I know, that everything will turn out all right and I WILL be on that plane on March 10th, but I have no idea how that is going to happen.

    Hyperventilating in Africa,


P.S. Please say a prayer for Joseph. He has swelling in his left leg which could mean all sorts of scary medical things ending with 'itis'. We ran some tests today and eliminated some possibilities (Hooray for no HIV!) but didn't get an answer yet. 
He's doing so well in every other area. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with him at the clinic as he played with my phone cover and behaved exactly as a 6 month old baby should. I hate to think of him suffering.

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