Sunday, February 20, 2011

Carnival Fun

Two weeks ago when my mom came to visit we all went to Kemah for a fun Sunday afternoon. Kemah is Houston's version of Coney Island. There are restaurants, carnival games, touristy shops and most importantly (for my kids that is) amusement park rides. 
When we lived in Houston years ago we would come out here but that was before they added all the rides. Our kids were so young then that most of them didn't even remember coming out here at all.

Sadly, Jessica had to work so it was just the five kids--sorry, teenagers. No, that's not right either. Young people! There you go! Do you think they'll approve of that term?
Do you see Timmy's gloves? He wore those everywhere. It was such a novel experience to be able to wear cold weather clothes.

For their first ride they chose a tame enough looking one. Still, I felt the best place for me was on the ground. Someone had to take the pictures, right? Right.

Wait? Did I say tame? That does not look safe! What is it about thrill rides that people go crazy for?

Here the boys are mugging for the video camera. Tom documented our entire trip so we could show the staff what 'America' looks like. I'll be sure to tell you all about it.

Next they moved to a ride called the Inverter. Hmmm, definitely an ominous name. I decided to sit this one out as well.

And, boy, am I glad I did! That looks so scary! The girls sat at one end....

 ...and the boys sat at the other. They are upside down, people! That is not cool!

And yet, they're smiling. That is just plain weird, if you ask me. 

And, they're upside down again. And, remarkably happy about it. Are we sure these are my children?

My boys are such good friends. It was wonderful to see them reunited if only for 2 weeks. Timmy has only one more year of college prep before he'll move to Texas and the boys will get to hang out together again.

One really big benefit for my 3 youngest kids from this trip was them getting to see where they'll be going to college. It has given them a picture of the future and has re-energized their desire to complete their schooling. Jasmine may go a year early and do dual credit--do her  senior year of high school subjects at the community college for a head start on her college education.

Well, that was my Sunday two weeks ago. Wanna see other Sunday Scenes? Check out Sundays in my City at Unknown Mami.

Unknown Mami


  1. I loved seeing your kids so happy & smiling! I used to love those thrill rides, but don't think I could do it anymore.

    Hugs & love,

  2. Hi Amy! I haven't checked in with you in quite awhile. SLOWWW internet connection means less web surfing. Glad you are enjoying your time in Tesas.

  3. Hi Amy, Great to see you back at SIMC and even better to see your family sooooo happy!!!!

    You are a smart girl. I won't have gone on the Inverter either. Upside down does not work for me. Yikes.

    Isn't it amazing how being on a college campus and seeing where you'll be in the future can inspire kids-- I love that.

    Enjoy and safe travels, xo jj

  4. What great shots! I loved them!

    I am visiting from Sundays in my City. Feel free to come by my "city" as well.

  5. Photos from a carnival wasn't what I was expecting when I popped by but I am glad I did, the photos are amazing and the 'young people' look like they are having a ball.
    Happy SIMC and have a great week.

  6. Lots of fun there it looks like! My sister just moved to Houston and told me about that place!

  7. I LOVE amusement parks, but that Inverter ride looks intimidating! Have a great evening!

  8. I love those kind of crazy rides.


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