Sunday, November 28, 2010

My Heart Just Broke a Little More

Baby Sara lost her fight with pneumonia this afternoon. For the past couple days we felt she was not responding well to the antibiotics but there didn't seem to be much else we could do. We did use our oxygen machine (she hated that!), and also pulled out every natural remedy we could find. 

Today, around noon, she took a turn for the worse and really began to struggle to breathe. When I saw how she didn't even fight the oxygen anymore, my heart sank. Our sweet volunteer, Summer, took turns with me holding Sara and loving on her. Summer was holding her as she took her last breath.

I have so many words right now swirling around in my brain. I'm going to go to bed (is it wrong that I'm looking forward to sleeping through the night?) and I'll write more tomorrow.

Thank you for continuing to pray and I will see you tomorrow. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to know that you are on the other side of my computer screen. I love you all!


  1. I wish there was a hug machine so we could give you a hug from far away. I know (and I know you know) that Sara is better off, but you all will certainly have to deal with the grief of losing her. I will keep you all in my thoughts in this rough time.

    Thank you for your dedication to these little ones and for holding her and loving her while she was here.

  2. So very sorry. She knew she was loved!

  3. I'll be praying for you, Mom. You must be exhausted from caring for her for so long. God knows your heart. Love you.

  4. I'm so so sorry to hear that. You are angels for taking care of her and loving her during her short & difficult life on this planet. I'll be praying for you all...

  5. So sorry to hear about Sara. I know you must be exhausted. Yes, it's ok to look forward to rest and sleep. You deserve it.

  6. Amy and family...oh how our hearts grieve with went and gave your Mother's Love to darling Sara and then God called her home to be with Him...the longing for her to be in your arms will be painful...Thanks for taking the risk of loving one more of His children. We are praying for you all and believing He will send comfort and peace to your side of the world! In His Service, the Harrison 9

  7. I am sorry. That is awful. Poor little thing.


  8. Oh, I am so sorry to hear that Amy. Poor sweet baby girl. I'm just glad that she got the love that she did when she was in your care.


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