Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Our Christmas Card is done!

Merry Xmas 2010 Christmas 5x7 folded card
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What an experience! Living out in the bush made it much harder to do this card because of our uncertain internet but it is done!
Making a card with Shutterfly was actually really nice. They had so many choices of design it was easy to find one that looked like a Christmas card but didn't cover up those precious little faces. I also didn't want to pick one that looked too Christmassy if you know what I mean--icicles and snowflakes don't really mesh with our African setting for the photo.

Taking the picture was probably the hardest part. We had a volunteer with us who took lovely photos and he took hundreds (maybe scores or dozens) of photos while I jumped around like a looney trying to get the kids to look in the same direction (poor Jack didn't get the memo) and stay in the right place. What a job! I'm pretty happy with how the photo turned out considering it has 17 children in it.

Shutterfly has the option to mail out your cards directly but that would mean I'd have to enter all the addresses and I wasn't that organized this year. I'm having them sent to my address in the U.S and my college kids (thank God for school break!) will be addressing and mailing them out.
I love getting Christmas cards in the mail. If you send me one, I will send you a uniquely African card. It won't be a Christmas card but it will be something you might even want to put in a small frame.  Here's my address: P.O Box 750007, Kazembe, Luapula, Zambia (no zip code needed)

How far have you gotten on your Christmas cards

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  1. Adorable! I haven't even thought about ours....maybe once I get the christmas stuff out & find the cards :)

  2. The card turned out beautifully! Even if they aren't all looking in the same direction! They are adorable!!

  3. What a wonderful Christmas card - and a beautiful group of kids!
    And I love your idea of swapping Christmas cards! I will definitely put one in the mail for you (although at the rate I'm going, it may not actually get there in time for Christmas - but I'll try). ;)
    Merry SITSmas!


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