Saturday, November 6, 2010

Christmas Comes But Once A Year

Just a quick reminder: Tomorrow is Orphan Sunday. What part will you play in making the world a better place for children. 

I was so excited to get such a positive response when I wrote about what we are going to try to do for the kids for this Christmas. 

For all of you who would like to participate in our Every Child Needs Their Own Space campaign (that was a mouthful....we need a better name) I am posting details below. I'll also be putting up a page this week with ongoing care package needs and ideas along with shipping information.

For the boxes we're looking for items that the kids can play with in their bedrooms for quiet play. Things like action figures, plastic animals, paper dolls (I think they make vinyl ones now...), I Spy books (or similar books that have lots of detailed pictures), toy cars, etc etc.
We have 6 girls and 5 boys who will be receiving these boxes. They are between 3-5 years old.
Things like playdoh, paint sets or other art items would be great to receive but not for this box project. These boxes should be filled with things the kids can pull out and put back easily with no big mess.

Our address here in the village is P.O Box 750007, Kazembe, Luapula, Zambia. (there is no zip code)

We have found that small packages (shoebox or similar) are the easiest to come through. Also, writing a scripture somewhere on the outside of the package helps keep people honest. :)
The plastic, individual plastic boxes themselves will be purchased here in Zambia so if you would rather just donate toward that you can click on the donate button up there in the right-hand corner. Mention in the memo section that you are donating toward the Christmas project.

Thank you so much for taking time to consider helping with this project. We look forward to a really happy Christmas this year!


  1. I just left you a wee something but missed the prompt for a description. It's for the Christmas fund from initials CH in the UK. Hope it helps a little. X.

  2. Amy, I still would love to work on filling out your library there at the orphanage. I could just start sending a package of books each month, but I need to know what kinds of books you need the most and any requests you have.

  3. Thanks for the info! My boys and I are going to go shopping this week :)

  4. That's an awesome idea for Christmas...

    one point about mailing the "shoe box" size... you should weigh it first. Keep it under 4 pounds. Once it hits 4 pounds, it nearly doubles in price. It's cheaper to send two underweight boxes than one heavy box....

  5. Amy,
    Raven and I will be shopping for the toy boxes this week and hope to get them in the mail by Friday. I love your blog, it keeps me in touch with a place I fell in love with in just the 3 short weeks I was there for Raven and Joshua's wedding. I long to go back, but until then you are my visual link. Thanks for all you are doing. I pray that our Father continues to bless you as you pour out blessings on those precious children.
    Raven's mom-Judy


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