Monday, November 8, 2010

Missionary Monday

Many people have asked for an update to the prayer request we wrote about a couple weeks ago. As it stands now, not much has changed but things are quiet. We did completely close down our boat project and removed the wood for the new house, the pier and the fencing. The only thing remaining there is the boat and we will be collecting that later this week. 
Tom has, understandably, been pretty depressed about the whole situation. He had poured his heart and soul into developing this tourist attraction and felt (we still do feel) that it would be good for the entire community.

We're hoping to start up the boat project in another place at some time.

We hired a manager on a trial basis and one of his first responsibilities is helping us to reopen communication with the chief. We're hoping he can help to bridge the cultural divide we seem to be facing. Michael (our new manager) is also helping with much of the day to day coordinating with staff and visitors to free Tom and I up for other projects, admin work and our many responsibilities. Please pray that he works out and that we are able to increase our budget to cover his salary. 

I wrote about the new baby we took in on Sunday. Sara is still struggling healthwise. The clinical officer here in the village believes she has developed pneumonia despite frequent applications of Baby Vicks, peppermint oil and taking Amoxycillin. We've now started her on daily injections of a much stronger antibiotic. Please pray that she recovers fully.
In the good news category: Sara gained 300 grams (10 ounces) this week!

I'm so excited about the good response we're getting for our Every Child Needs Their Own Space Christmas project. We're looking forward to presenting the kids with their very own toy boxes so they feel like they are special and unique.
If you are interested in getting on board with this fun project, click the link and then go shopping. We recommend getting the packages in the mail by mid-November as it takes 4-6 weeks for packages to reach our little village.
My mother-in-law brought up a good point. Make sure your boxes weigh less than 4 pounds. It can be cheaper to send two lighter packages rather than one heavy one.
You can also send a donation designated for this project so we can buy the plastic toy boxes here. 
Thank you all for your help with all our projects. We couldn't look after these little ones without you.

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  1. It sounds a bit kooky, but I was told & had all my friends write tampons/feminine hygiene products on the box. Never lost a single package with that on them, so it might help.

    My mom will never post a comment, but she is now reading your blog daily and is really enjoying it. She's already shopping for toys for this project and she found some neat stuff. She loves hearing about Zambia from someone besides me.

  2. Thanks for the info, Amy! I'll start getting some stuff together and get it ready to send. :)

  3. I'm still sending prayers your way. So happy to hear about a little weight gain...for Sara not you :)

    My boys (i'm so proud of em') and I went shopping for your kids today. Hopefully the package will be on the way later this week.

  4. What a terrible situation. What culture shock.

    If you are interested I would still love to have you write a guest post for my blog about your Christmas project.

    Hugs, love & prayers,

  5. Hey Amy - seeing Mimi's comment up there - if you happen to put something together as far as a guest post is concerned, I would be happy to feature it on my blog as well. Get the word out any way we can!


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