Sunday, November 21, 2010

Sundays in My City--It's Raining and Pouring

This was the scene from my front porch yesterday. After months with no rain (normal dry season) I'm so excited and happy to finally see rain. I grew up in areas with monsoons and there is something about rain that makes me really happy. I'm sure part of that is because I've mostly lived in areas where it rains and pours and then the sun comes out and you're not really housebound and the sky does brighten up between storms.

We live on a hillside so water comes rushing down the hill and has taken down one or two of our walls from time to time. Now, Tom makes sure the drainage ditches are dug  and cleared well before the rains start. Even so, I'm always amazed how quickly the rivers of water disappear after a storm like this one.

Before moving to Africa I loved thunderstorms.--The bigger the better. My friend (who spent time in Pakistan and gets my love of the subcontinent) also enjoys storms. We would call each other when it started to rain and storm, "It's raining!" "I know! I just heard a huge clap of thunder!" 

Now, since moving to Africa, I sing a different tune. If power gets knocked out by a storm it will be hours if not days before it's restored. Now when there is a storm, we have to turn off all our electronic devices because we've lost some expensive equipment from lightning strikes.
It sucks being a grown up at times.

Still, even knowing that a simple thunderstorm could bring a small disaster with it, I enjoy watching the rain fall. The smell of rain on the wind, the freshness that follows a storm. It's wonderful to me.

What about you? Are you a fan of rain or does rain in your neck of the woods mean gray skies and dreary weather?

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  1. I love rain when it is not cold outside! When it is cold I just want to see sun. : ) I love the first picture so much. I think it is AWESOME and I could pretty much look at it all day! Wishing you a wonderful rainy day : )

  2. I'm with you... I love to hear the rain. I always say, "my plants are so happy!"
    Just as long as I can stay inside and listen, I'm happy. I don't really like to have to go to work with good shoes on in the rain though. My feet always get wet... (the downsides of being an adult)

    What is the device hanging in the pictures?
    and what is the screen/balloon on the side of the building?

  3. I love walking in the rain!! Especially the Indian Monsoon...:D Here, In Germany it is no fun since when it rains it is horribly cold too. I know what you mean about losing expensive electronic equipment. We lost our television to lightening and it was a whole year before we could buy a new one!!!

  4. I love the rain! That is until a really strong storm hit Manila last year, and submerged most parts of the city in a great flood. Now I'm a little scared of it-- it has a huge capacity to destroy lives. Thanks for your comment. Stopping by from SITS!

  5. You captured the rain in that shot very well. All the shots are wonderful. We had a thunderstorm here last evening and I tried to capture it on video but it didn't work very well. I love the rain too. It is refreshing and so soothing.

  6. I like the rain when I can stay home and be cozy. Yesterday, it there was thunder and lightening and I enjoyed pointing it out to my daughter while we baked a cake.

  7. I love it when it rains too. Perfect weather to stay in bed with a good book.

  8. I love the rain but it is snow season here!

    We have a tin roof and our bedroom is in the attic, so often times in the spring when it storms I just enjoy listening to the rain coming down.

    What challenges you have living in Africa! Wonderful pictures. I hope you stay safe!

  9. I adore the rain. I would love to have a rainy season instead of the winter that Michigan gets!

    I hope this rainy season brings you lots of good things & no power outages.


  10. It's raining here in Los Angeles too-- What a nice change.
    Glad you're getting the rain you need and that everything is still in place!
    Happy SIMC, jj

  11. it's raining here for the past few days. weather forecast says we are expecting more rains until the end of this year. well, rain is ok with me but it kind of makes me feel gloomy sometimes =p

    visiting from SITS =)

  12. I love rain when I can lay in bed and read a book. Unfortunately, that is NEVER. But I don't mind a warm rain. I do however have an unhealthy fear of lightning and most of our warm rain is accompanied by lightning.


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