Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Where Did The Time Go?

I truly thought I would be able to get much more blogging done while in the States. No kids to distract me, no staff demands, no (less) meals to cook, steady internet, constant electricity.

So, why haven't I blogged? Well, I do have three kids here. The two girls have been getting me all caught up on their life since I last saw them a year ago. I'm worried their studies will suffer while I'm here because they keep coming into my room to chat instead of studying. 

I've been busy getting my son integrated into U.S living. So far we've applied for his U.S ID card, bought his GED book and met with the tutors at the college who will help him if he needs it even before he enrolls. He also has a Driving Manual and will be studying that in preparation for getting his learner's permit. 

Yesterday I came down with a cold so that has slowed me down a bit. My seatmate on the plane had a cold and did NOT use the 'elbow technique' so I was showered in his germs every time he coughed despite him covering his mouth. Yuck! I worked out both Monday and Tuesday morning including a yoga class on Tuesday morning which left me feeling pretty sore. Combined with the rundown feeling I had I was worried I was coming down with malaria. I think now that I just have a run of the mill cold (how boring!) and will be fine in a couple days.

I rested yesterday afternoon but I'm hoping to put in some solid work on the computer today--not necessarily blogging but reports, appointment scheduling, tax work, etc. And blah!

What is making me happy while I do all this work is being able to listen to the radio. I have I tunes on my computer but there is something about radio DJs that my player can't duplicate. My favorite stations in Houston: KSBJ 89.3--a Christian station, and Sunny 99.1--they play soft hits. What do you like to listen to? Do you listen to radio at all or are you an Ipod or other player fan?


  1. Welcome to the States!!

    I love listening to any music. I do listen to the radio, but if the DJs start talking, I flip the station.

    Hope you feel better soon. Lots of Vitamin C!!

  2. I only listen to tradio, like you I miss the and soft rock.

    Sounds like you are having a good time, enjoy your family;)

  3. I listen to Sunny as well, and also some classic rock stations. I prefer the radio to cd's and don't even own an ipod! I am the last of my kind, I fear.

  4. I hate the radio. Too much talking. And reader feedback makes me uncomfortable. However, catching up with the kids is much better than blogging.



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