Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Prayer updates

Last week I asked for your prayers. Here is how they have been answered:

Baby Peter is completely better and back to his happy, bubbly self.
All our promotional materials were completed. The video is different than what we've done in the past but it is interesting and fun. Tom did a great job, as always.

I got a handle on all the paperwork--my desk has never looked better--and Tom was given all the tools he needs to be able to run the orphanage in my absence. I still have plenty of work to keep me busy over the next two months but we're in a good place organization-wise.

The antibiotics that Tom took seemed to do the trick for his male issue. He felt better enough that he decided not to travel down to the doctor. Big answer to prayer!

Our flight has been confirmed with British Airways. I've just checked in online and we've picked our seats.

We fly out tomorrow, spend the night in London, and then fly into Houston's International airport on Friday afternoon.

Thanks for your continued prayers for safe travel.


  1. Good news. I am glad the little one is feeling better.

    Travel safe.


  2. Have a safe trip and I will pray that everything is fine while you are away.

  3. Have a good, safe trip! My first visit here and I love your blog! My dad just made his last missionary trip to Kenya last month. A younger guy is going to take over, thank goodness! Dad's too old to keep going over, especially after his heat stroke this last trip.
    Looking forward to checking out your adventures in Zambia. Tell Tom to not let so many things bite him! YIKES!


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