Monday, March 22, 2010

Upcoming Travels

When you read this I should be on a bus traveling down to Lusaka. Because it's a Monday we're on the slow bus. Most likely 16 hours of travel. 

This should put us in Lusaka very early Tuesday morning. We'll be staying with friends and will be running around taking care of business for two days. We need to pick up Bible study books for Tom's class, shop for groceries we can't find in our normal store, visit the pharmacy to pick up some medicines to restock our clinic and get all this stuff to the bus station on Wednesday afternoon so the bags can travel up to Kazembe.

I also have to do some boring business but we'll have a good time shopping for souvenirs after. Hear that? That's the sound of those who know me IRL laughing really hard. I hate shopping! But I will be picking up a little something for a future giveaway or two. That should be fun.

Thursday morning we're supposed to be flying out on British Airways. We're still waiting to hear about the strike.

Thursday evening we'll be exploring London and then getting back to the airport at midnight. I've booked a room at the airport. More about this later.

Friday afternoon we'll be landing in Houston, Texas!

Please keep T.J and I in your prayers as we travel this whole week.

P.S For the next two months I'll be fundraising in the U.S. I'll post later the specific places I'll be if you're interested in catching a presentation.


  1. Well, you are certainly not going to be any less busy than usual!
    What airport are you flying into in Houston?

  2. Amy, Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting. I am so excited to have found your blog and to become a "follower". What you do is so close to my heart! I will have to spend some time looking through your previous posts...I'm sure I'll enjoy myself. Have a safe and prosperous trip.

    My e-mail address is

    Elaine :)

  3. I hope your travels are safe, fun and productive! I am really jealous of all the neat places you are going. I wouldn't even mind visiting Houston. :0)

    Thanks for stopping by today. I appreciate the encouragement.


    Teresa <><

  4. Well, have you heard? This is turning into quite a big event for the Stone Family. Because of the wonderful internet we could have a 4 cousin meeting! If you come to Dallas it could be 7!! I can't wait to see the schedule!


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