Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Outdated Judgment

One of the nice things about leaving the village and visiting the 'real world' is getting to wear nice clothes (heels even!) and having the time to put more effort into my appearance.
The day after we arrived in Ndola I was dressed up and ready for the dentist. Troy looked at me and asked why I was wearing mascara.

I want to look pretty.

You do know you are married, right, Mom?

The next day when I put my makeup on, Troy talked to me again:

I don’t know why you wear that stuff.

What’s the problem?

Well, guys will see you.

And, what’s the problem with that?

They might flirt with you.

And then?

Well, you might flirt back.

Yep, my son after eight years in Africa has traveled way back to the beginning of the last century where putting color on the face was considered equal to prostitution. Poor deluded little child!


  1. Goodness. Not flirting. IT's great your son is looking out for you.


    I am not going to look at that spider.

  2. How funny is that!? I think you need to be wearing a touch of lipstick and mascara at home since it is apparently some culture shock for him to see you "made up". ;-)

  3. Amy, he's not deluded... I think ALL kids go through that at that age. My sons were telling me the same thing. and I was offended when my mom used cream on her face.. It's kind of like kids don't want to think there's anything wrong with their mom the way they are and don't want things to change. He'll get it in a few years and then he'll be switching to telling you that you should be wearing make-up to look nicer. Just brace yourself, it comes.

  4. How son notices when I get dressed up and "made-up" too. And he points it out to my husband. I guess it's a phase they go through.

  5. That is funny - and a little worrisome:) Glad you are enjoying getting dressed up.

  6. Even though I'm a jeans kinda gal, I do love the feeling of being well turned-out, as my Nana would say, every so often. SITS sent me by, and I'm glad they did. Happy Friday!

    Skyscraper Jigsaw

  7. LOL!
    Kids say the darnest things! I love it!


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